Color Trends in 2018 Essay: Online Guide

The year 2018 brought a lot of changes to professional activities and dominating trends. Designers and artists can’t stay aside, and have to predict color trends for upcoming months, to adapt to them, and to overcome difficulties coming along with any change.

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2018 Color Trends: Prettiness, Neutrality and Brutality


In designer’s craft, it is impossible to find “one and only” universal color suitable for anyproject. Colors are different: calming and aggressive, neutral and attractive, pretty and brutal, etc. Depending on the features of a design project, there is the need to look for a certain approach in every separate case.

So, let’s take a look on three the most important color trend categories: pretty, neutral and brutal.

Prettiness and Practice: The Pink


The prettiness and a practical use value combined in this color make it a real treasure for every designer. The rise of this color began in late 2000’s when users and content creators of the popular microblogging service network called Tumblr started using it widely to paint their pages. That shade of the color even became famous under the name of “Tumblr Pink”.


Later, the victorious storm of the pink came all over the world of artists and designers. And today, the pink color still has its power and goes on evolving. The combination of softness and ability to attract any eye to the required element of a design makes it an unreplaceable weapon of every trendy artist.

Neutrality and Solidity: Metallics



Some time ago, metallics were known as classic tones. But nowadays they can rather be called neutral ones, as they expanded from endemic aesthetical luxury area to the category of colors that represent minimalism and confidence.

New neutral metallics of 2018 are instruments that can help you add a bit of shine and confident versality to your design projects. Plus to all their advantages, metallic colors become universal: new hi-tech screens can represent them accurately, so web-designers can follow their traditional colleagues and try out some new tricks.

Ugly and Bad, but Good: Brutalityplant

Brutal design has been known for years, but it started gaining its popularity and trendiness only in recent times. There even appeared a separate category of designers named “brutalists”: they use aggressive and uncomplimentary color schemes, chaotic mixes and intense gradients. Brutalist designers intentionally make their projects uncomfortable to look at.


The effect is usually the opposite: overaggressive gamma of brutal chaotic colors attracts views and thoughts. As a result, designers receive an effective marketing and art instrument. Essay writers, unfortunately, cannot use color-mixing principles in writing.


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