Colour Coordinating Ceiling Fans With Your Interiors

Ceiling fans not only help you save on electricity bills, but they also add some vibrance to your home decor.

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When you select ceiling fans, make sure that their colour and design don’t go against your decor or overall design strategy. These fans come in a variety of colours and shapes, so finding fans that match your interiors perfectly won’t be a problem. Let us find out how ceiling fans can brighten up your home. 

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How To Choose The Right Ceiling Fan Colour

While traditionally ceiling fan colours blended with the ceiling colour, the top trends today are not so simple. Just like with fashion, the shift is towards personalizing the colours of the ceiling fans in each room to make a style statement. 

Ceiling fans today don’t need to blend with your floor or your furniture. You could also think of the predominant colour in your room and coordinate the colour of your ceiling or wall fans with it. 

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We will discuss the parameters for colour coordinating like the room size and the ceiling height. Other factors, including coordinating fans between your rooms and lighting options for ceiling fans, will also be considered. 

Ways To Coordinate Ceiling Fan Colour With Your Interiors

Here are some tips to get the colours of the ceiling fans right:

Size of the Room

The size of the room decides the colour of your ceiling. To make a large room cosy, consider darker paint for the walls and the ceiling. For a more warm feeling, the ceiling should have a darker shade.

For smaller rooms, use a light colour. The colour of your ceiling fans would depend on the colour of your decor. 

Ceiling Colour

If you have a light ceiling colour, then go for a designer fan with a marble-brown finish giving your room an exciting contrast and character. 

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For a more contemporary look, go for ceiling fans with chrome colour that has a nice metallic effect. This will go well with your light-coloured ceiling and casual furniture having natural textiles.

If you want that rustic look, combine your cabin-type furniture and muted ceiling colour with antique-copper electroplated finish ceiling fans. Add some excitement to your room with wall fans in black and gold hue.

To give the room that royal look, you should combine the antique furniture in your room with magnificently carved ceiling fans that come with decorative lampshades in brown and gold colour. The walls and ceiling should have a light shade.

The Best Colour For Ceiling Fans

If you are confused regarding the colour of ceiling fans, go with white. This blends perfectly with any type of decor, modern or traditional. The colour white never goes out of style and is a bright contrast for a dark ceiling. You can get a calm and rejuvenating feeling with an all-white fan. 

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Mix and Match Designs For Every Room

Why should each room have fans with the same design? Get some variety in your home by choosing different designs and colours of fans for each room. Try to match the ceiling fans to the ambience of each room. For example, for your bedrooms, you might prefer to get a silent fan, which produces up to two times less sound than traditional fans.

The blade span should also be adequate for the size of your room. For rooms up to 75 sq ft, use a 36-inch blade span. If your room is more than 225 sq ft, the blade span should be between 50 to 54 inches. 

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Light Fixture Combinations

There are underlight ceiling fans that allow you to experiment with light colours as well. These fans use LED lights that save energy and have multiple options to change the colour of the lights. You can switch between colours to change the mood. 

Choose between antique brass, brushed steel, or copper colour for your ceiling fans. The icing on the cake is the affordable ceiling fan price from brands like Crompton. 

Ceiling Fans To Dazzle Your Decor

Give your interiors a makeover with the best ceiling fans that have a variety of colours. Why wait? Get your fan today!


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