Comfort and Inspiration Defining a Residential Project in Connecticut

Located in the historical heart of Connecticut, the Wilton Residence belongs to an American family, who after living in Europe for 13 years returned to the US. Designed by UXUS, the house displays an eclectic mix of high European contemporary design, personal mementos and a classic American style. Designers wanted to create an invigorating energy by fusing a pioneering spirit with the inherent comfort of effortless style – colonial yet innovative, an inviting environment for family and their guests. The residence offers the inhabitants the chance to let natural light in whenever they feel the need. Inspired by rustic luxury and essential beauty found in simple things, every space within the Wilton Residence exudes openness, personality and playful sophistication.  Interior spaces celebrate the family’s stories, moments and inspirations with a whimsical touch.

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