Comfortable Green Place to Sit, Romeo & Juliet – Romance in the City

In 2004 Stijn Goethals, Koen Baeyens, and Basile Graux  have introduced in  street furniture design competition which was organized by the city of Kortrijk concept Romeo and Juliet. Their concept of providing a comfortable place to sit and relax but also a touch of green color provides a comprehensive source for implementing location. Bank is made of long strips of wood to re square geometry, two round holes were cut in the seat to implement large flower pots, containing a small tree. Romeo and Juliet idea comes from these two trees are made to stay together without ever possible to achieve, it seems to float Bank between the two trees. An architectural harmony is created when implemented several banks put in line, the distance between trees remain equal and thus becoming a special attraction for private gardens or terraces. You can see a smart space left between the flower pot and the bank to have a leeway of roots but also a space for water so avoid wood rot bank.

Romeo and Juliet measuring 370×74 cm material used to make the concept:
-hardwood seat
-galvanized stainless steel used for the metal.
-Polyester flower pots
When Romeo and Juliet buy a bank comes standard with two flowerpots flowerpot gave two covers. Vessels offers a great-looking, shiny as entering mat perfect contrast with the wood. Trees are not included in the bid package.


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