Common Plumbing Issues That Require Immediate Professional Attention

Plumbing issues often show up when you least expect them. Some issues could be a result of aged fittings, faulty or low-grade equipment, or even misuse of equipment.

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Most homeowners possess basic tools to address small plumbing issues. Nonetheless, what about larger issues that require professional attention? How can you tell them apart?

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Here are a few occasions when you need professional intervention for your plumbing problems.

1. Discoloured Water

Murky water from your faucet is a sign that something may not be right with the plumbing. Usually, when air starts entering the pipes, it causes the water to become discoloured.

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Also, a brown or yellow tinge in the water could be the outcome of rusting pipes. On rare occasions, you may even notice a greenish hue in the water which is a result of deteriorating copper pipes. These are warning signs for you to get your pipes checked without any delay.

2. Water Pressure Drop

Low water pressure in multiple places at home is an indication of a major issue with the plumbing, probably due to a leak somewhere in the water line which could prove to be a big cause of concern. In such a situation, it is crucial to get this problem addressed ASAP.

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3. Bubbling Ceiling or Blistering Paint

Paint bubbling or blistering on the walls are an indication of moisture build-up. Generally, a leaking roof or a leak in the pipes could be the cause. Noticing such blisters or stains on your wall or your ceiling is a sign for you to tend to the task at hand, immediately.

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4. Root of the Problem

Trees growing in the vicinity could have their roots find their way into your pipes, leading to obstructions in the sewage system or even bursting of pipes. A clogged sewage system could result in sewage seeping from various places including floors, which would require California leak detection.  In certain cases, roots cause severe damage resulting in the replacement of the entire pipeline.

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5. Sewer Odour

Sewer odour creeping into your home is a terrible, uncomfortable, and unhygienic occurrence. When a trap goes dry or the vent line develops cracks you may find sewer odour spreading and circulating in your home. Although a dry trap is easy to mend, a cracked vent is a little tricky to trace as more often than not they are confined within a wall.

6. Rusty or Aged Pipes

You would probably forget about the pipes at home which have considerably aged until they begin to spurt out leaks. Older plumbing materials made from iron, copper, or galvanized steel sooner or later gather rust, which could lead to tiny leaks or even block the flow of water. A handy way to check the age of the pipes is to check the faucets and valves. If these are old, chances are that your pipes are old too.

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7. Water Dripping from Pipes

There are a number of reasons why pipes may leak. Given that a majority of the indoor plumbing at homes is concealed in the floors and walls, it might be challenging to find the source of the leak sometimes. Fixing such issues could require taking apart your walls or floors to establish the source.

To ensure your pipes, faucets, and sewer system are in proper working order and your sewage system remains unclogged and is free from blockages and breakage it is imperative that you rely on professional assistance. For professional plumbing solutions in Sydney or in the state of NSW, experts like Opal Water Management can save you from any type of plumbing emergency.  


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