Contemporary Bathtubs Designs by Aquamass

With 30 years experience in providing stunning bathroom essentials, the Belgian company Aquamass proposes exclusive modern bathtubs designs that compliment every bathroom. Creating at the beginning of the 80s a new bath culture: that of wellbeing, Aquamass through its talented designers manage to make the bath an object, a sculpture.These mesmerizing bathtubs are sophisticated and stylish, yet durable, each of them seems a work of art indeed.  They create an intriguing effect in the bathroom with their simple yet versatile designs. The bathtubs comes in various colours and there are also matching washbasins range to complete the look.

 1. DIP by designer Michel Boucquillon

2. STONE ONE by designer Paolo Chipiron

3. AQUAMAR by designer Hichan Lahlou

4. STRIP by designer Michel Boucquillon

5. HI-BATH by designer Mataly Crasset

6. 361° by designer Paolo Chipiron

7. NAVALE by designer Xavier Lust

8. CHAPEL by designer Alain Berteau Designworks

Photo source: Aquamass.

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