Contemporary Home Decor Ideas

The main tenants of a contemporary home are simplicity and modern designs. If you choose to live in the moment and enjoy modern aesthetics, then this is the style for you! A truly contemporary design will include essential items like a basic color scheme and new high-quality furniture. The most important item in a contemporary home is a quality bedroom. For those of you who enjoy simplicity, your bedroom should include a mattress like the My Green Mattress Natural Escape, a dresser, and maybe a chair. These essential items are the cornerstone of a contemporary bedroom. These are the other essential items that will tie in the rest of your home.

Color Scheme

Someone who enjoys the simple things in life will not want an exotic color scheme inside their home. A contemporary home will typically revolve around three colors: black, white, and grey.

This will give your home a uniform aesthetic that many people fall in love with. Remember that having a white room is begging for a mess, so you may want to consider black or grey if you have small children.


The key aspect to having a contemporary home design is neat and orderly rooms. Each piece of art will be hung in the perfect location equidistant from other furniture and artwork. Your furniture should also follow a typical pattern and not have too many contrasting shapes. Contemporary homes have smooth rounded geometrical shapes that look like a magazine cover.  


Installing track lighting or can light is a great simple way to lighten your home. An extravagant chandelier is not typically seen in a contemporary home, but it can be appropriate in the right home. Natural light is the absolute best way to light your home.

You should open all windows during the day, and use elegant curtains to shut out the light when necessary. Avoid using cheap plastic blinds at all costs!


Just because your home follows a basic color scheme does not mean you can’t use flowers to add natural beauty to your rooms. Contemporary homes tend to have plants that bloom with large beautiful flowers. You should plant them in simple pots that don’t distract from the beauty of the flower.

If you insist on following a color scheme you can find an endless supply of white flowers that will add to the character of your home.

Dining Room

Dining rooms are important in contemporary homes. This is a great location to have bold color combinations and geometric shapes. You must stick with contemporary dishware and cutlery as well. You can use white dishes, placed on a black place mat, with silver cutlery. This creates a beautiful dining room when guests arrive.


The message throughout this article is: keep it simple! Don’t clutter your rooms with too many distracting pieces of artwork or furniture. If you want to accentuate a piece of furniture it should the focal point of the room. Having too many beautiful things in one room will take away the beauty of each item.


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