We have all been waiting way too long for this moment to come, but the summer is finally here and now the least we can do to welcome it is to do it with style. So, after lots of dark, rainy and chilly days, we’ve got the opportunity to toss away our heavy jackets and winter clothes, jump into comfortable T-shirts and shorts, and start transforming our backyard into a beautiful oasis where we can spend wonderful summer nights barbecuing, hanging out with friends or just relaxing on our own. If you recognized yourself and your feelings in the previous sentences, keep reading this article and learn many useful tips that will help you convert your backyard into a paradise resort, where you can enjoy the summer to the fullest.


Where to start?

No matter how big your backyard actually is, you can easily redesign it and make it a real piece of heaven by spicing up some stuff and buying a thing or two. For example, you should start with lighting, since it truly is able to change the whole perspective of your outdoor space and give it some sort of a unique, indescribable spirit everyone will adore. In order to create an inviting space, you ought to get some interesting lighting devices, such as torches or mason jars with candles, since this will give your backyard a tropical, yet romantic appearance.


Also, if you like the idea of creating a tropical look-alike environment, there are many other things you can do to create it. For instance, you could get tropical plants, such as hibiscus, day lilies or some trees that can be found in the Caribbean, because they can survive in your backyard, as well, believe it or not. This will also provide you with shades and you could spend time over there even during the scorching weather.

Another amazing idea is to get a grill, a charcoal one, of course, because it gives a rustic and natural look to backyards, therefore they are extremely stylish. Some would say that this is a must, too, since there is no person who would refuse to come over for a night party that includes a barbecue.


The most important part:

One thing is crucial when renovating your backyard and you simply can’t create a stunning atmosphere without it. Yes, we are talking about a plunge pool. In addition to all the things mentioned above and relaxing seating options, such as outdoor cushions or hammocks, which you will get for sure, having a pool in the center of your backyard is essential. The size of the swimming pool is not that important, it is important that it exists, even in a rather modest form. You could go for a simple design with straight lines or go beyond rectangular shapes and get a circular, semi-circular or any pool with curves. The latter option is much more appealing and people find them much more attractive, but rest assured that no one would complain over a classic rectangular pool.


If you manage to get all of these things, you will undoubtedly create a favorite exotic place everyone would love visiting, so do not get surprised if your friends do not want to go to the seaside this year, but decide to spend a lot of time in your backyard instead.

Author Bio:

This article was provided by Zoe Clark, a house decorator enthusiast from Australia. Zoe’s biggest desire is to help families connect with their outdoor spaces by creating backyard design they will love. You can follow her on Twitter.


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