Cool Wall Art Home Decorating Ideas

A well-decorated space can be the difference between a house and a home. Artwork helps define the personality and life of your home by tying certain moods together. So, how can you choose the right artwork for your home? Here are a few tips to ensure you select the right style and the right piece for a specific wall or space.


Paintings are a great way to get attention. With canvas Motiv-art, you can transform any blank wall with lively and vibrant colors that help bring your home to life. But your house has a lot of different rooms which should all have something different in them.

Office – Floating Ledge Shelf

The office is a great place to have a floating ledge shelf, installed over or by your workspace. With a floating ledge shelf, you can arrange an assortment of your favorite pieces (along with a moodboard) that will help inspire you!

Kitchen – Punny Decals

In the kitchen, you can decorate your countertops and cabinets with funny decals of cooking puns and heartfelt sayings that will accentuate the heart of your home. After all, anything that will make your morning easier is a sight for sore eyes.

Bedroom – Minimal All The Way

Your bedroom is a retreat. It’s a place for rest and relaxation. Some of the best places for art are directly over the bed or hang opposite of the bed. You might find that large abstract pieces can soothe you after a long, hard day. If you enjoy photography, you might also enjoy landscapes or desaturated photos. We recommend minimal frames that won’t distract the eye.

Living Room – It’s All How You Frame It

The living room is one of the most fun rooms to decorate. It can also be the most intimidating. Choosing the right piece is crucial in establishing the mood and atmosphere of your home. Whether you opt for large-scale pieces or a collection, don’t be afraid to think outside the frame. 

Art doesn’t always have to be a particular print on canvas—sometimes it can be small-scale replicas that best reflect your interests. These are just some of our favorite ideas that can help give your wall a smart and fresh look. So don’t waste time in getting your living space transformed today!


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