Cool Ways To Add Character To Your Home Office 

If it’s only a desk and chair that you call your home office, you direly need an upgrade.

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You did not settle for remote work only to create a mini replica of traditional, boring workplaces. And you did not sign up for working in a dull and draining environment every day. Did you?

So on that note, we’ve compiled 4 super cool ways to help you live your dream WFH life. Use these to add character to your home office!

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  1. Use The Right Office Desk & Chair

The furniture in your home office is more important than you think. It balances visual weight, determines functionality, dictates the flow of movement, and reflects your personal style.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to add only one hero piece of furniture in a room. This is the furniture piece that dominates the room, which can be in terms of size or color. 

When it comes to your home office, this piece of hero furniture is none other than your office desk. That’s because it holds the most essential of your work supplies, i.e., your laptop, PC, papers, gadgets, notes, etc. 

We suggest you begin setting up this highlight by choosing the right type of office desk. Your options include:

  • Sit-and-stand desk
  • L-shaped desk
  • U-shaped desk
  • Computer desk
  • Roll-top desk
  • Writing desk
  • Executive desk
  • Foldable desk

Base your decision on the space available in your room, the space you need, and your budget. Once you have the desk sitting in your home office, do not let it sit just as is. Instead, stylize it to mirror your personality. 

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Some common office desk styles are:

  • Minimalist desk: It is a highly decluttered desk with only essentials on the top, including a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. 
  • Conscientious desk: It is a desk holding everything you’ll ever need right on top. This can include your monitor, sticky notes, address book, stationery goods, etc.
  • Techie desk: It is a desk featuring the latest tech. From handy organizing tools like cord-holders to time management gadgets, these desks have it all.
  • Super personalized desk: It’s a desk holding bits of you in the form of small photo frames, stickers, etc.

If you’re looking for something else, you can check out some more office desk styles here.

  1. Use Colors Strategically

You can’t pick colors for a room randomly. That’s because there’s a complete psychology of color for interior design. Colors in a room determine its personality, and dictate the vibe it gives off and the space it seems to offer. 

So it’s important to use this powerful design tool strategically. Determine how you wish to feel when working and choose the right colors to set the mood.

For example, a room with red-colored walls will look smaller than it actually is. It will also have high energy levels, and you might feel your heartbeat increasing in such a room. 

Similarly, if you’d like to soothe yourself and calm down as soon as you walk into your home office, opt for neutral shades like gray, beige, and cream. 

If you’d like to feel energetic and motivated, it’s best to opt for combinations like blue and white. And if you want to add more space and aesthetic feels to your home office, you can opt for pastel colors.

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Here’s a helpful guide to picking the right hues for your home office.

  1. Decorate It With Houseplants

Houseplants add a refreshing vibe to your office both visually and atmospherically. The greens of a plant make a place appear more attractive and lively, so it’s an excellent idea to add a plant to your home office.

The best houseplants to add to your home office include:

  • African Violet
  • Snake Plant
  • Aloe Vera
  • Rex Begonia
  • Philodendron
  • Oxalis

Each of these has a certain impact and maintenance needs that you can explore here.

  1. Consider A Statement Lamp   

Last but not the least, a statement lamp is one of the quickest and coolest ways to add character to your home office. That’s because it not only acts as an excellent focal point for your space, but it can also add functionality to it through features like:

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  • Different mounting styles
  • Movable focus
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Flexible fixture
  • Additional features like charging support, etc.

You don’t want to search for a lamp with all these features because you may end up buying one that’s very functional but not a good addition to your office in terms of style.

Instead, determine which of these functionality features is the most important to you and settle for a lamp that offers it with maximum style. Here are some interesting desk lamp ideas to get you started. 

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