Cost of replacement windows in Edmonton

Windows are one of the most important aspects of your home or business. They allow light in, a view to the outdoors, and help regulate temperature and airflow.

Yet as it relates to the costs of windows, many local Edmonton residents are left without a clue. The fact is, unless you’ve lived in your home for decades, or recently purchased a fixer-upper, you probably never had to go shopping for windows.

This guide will help you explore a number of key aspects to consider with window prices in Edmonton for your home or business.

From replacements to upgrades, we’ve got you covered.

Factors that can Impact the Price of Your Windows in Edmonton


  1. Brands

Windows are manufactured and sold by a range of companies. And just like most other things in life, you have:

  • Budget window manufacturers
  • Mid-level manufacturers
  • And top grade, industry recognizable leaders in windows

It’s important to note that higher cost doesn’t always mean better quality. But going “cheap” isn’t the best idea either.

  1. Materials

Windows are made using a number of different materials, each with their own unique set of features, benefits and downsides.

Common window materials include:

  • Natural Wood: Strong, aesthetically pleasing, and usually more expensive.
  • Vinyl: Moderately durable, less visually appealing, and cost-effective
  • Fiberglass: looks great inside and out, is highly durable, and moderate on the cost scale
  • Aluminium: Strong, durable and relatively cheap, but doesn’t insulate well

When considering materials, plan for the type of weather your area experiences, need for higher insulation ratings, durability, how long you plan on staying in the home, and more.

  1. Type of Window

The type of window or windows you choose will invariably impact the cost. Custom windows pricing can be even more varied, making it that much more important that you work with a trusted and experienced window store and contractor such as Window Mart.

Common types of windows include:

Double-Hung Windows – this type of window utilizes two sashes, each of which glides vertically up and down in the frame. One nice feature is that they can open wide from both the top and the bottom, always remaining within the frame and not sticking out from the side of the home.

Casement Windows – these interesting models are hinged, and open and close by way of a crank mechanism. They may be fitted to open either from the left or right side, and as they do so, protrude out into the exterior of the home.

Awning Windows – this type of window is hinged at the top, and opens outward.

Picture Window – large and stationary (i.e. can’t open), this window provides maximum visibility and light.

Transom – The transom can be either stationary or operational (i.e. letting air in) can be installed above or below an existing window or door.

Slider – having at least one operating side that “slides” along a track horizontally.

Bay or Bow – these large windows protrude outwards from the siding of your house, providing you with more interior space.

  1. Features and Hardware

Be aware that most window models have a variety of additional “features” or hardware options that you can select from that may impact the price.


Additional features and hardware may include items such as:

  • Locks
  • Hinges
  • Various glass options
  • Insulative ratings / additional energy efficiency
  • And more…

According to the Natural Resources of Canada, one of the key things home or business owners should consider when buying windows is their climate zone and additional insulative features such as triple glazing, insert glass, and special energy efficient coatings.

  1. Installation Costs

You’ve purchased your windows, but now what? Installation! As part of your budgeting and shopping process, make sure to ask questions, get quotes and price out what installation may cost for each of the options you’re considering.

Do replacement windows cost more than new construction? They could. Installation for a simple double hung slider may be a lot less than that for a large picture or bow window. Additionally, you may be able to negotiate a lower installation price per window when you opt to upgrade or replace multiple windows at once.

Ready to Take the Next Step, or Need More Help?

If you know you need new windows, but are looking for some additional assistance or a store that carries a better selection of products, consider reaching out to the friendly and helpful team at Window Mart.

With combined decades of experience, and a track record of customer satisfaction, the Window Mart team has proudly served residents of Edmonton and surrounding areas for years. Click or call them today, you won’t be disappointed.


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