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There are many home improvement projects you can think of these days. What perceptions do you have about loft conversions & house extensions? Probably you have ever thought of transforming the attic space of your home into practical space. 

If not, keep in mind that there are impeccable loft conversion ideas that can inspire your dream designs. Significantly, if you don’t know how to undertake such a project, there are professionals near you to lend a helping hand. The good news? Here at Create Room, we have unparalleled experience and services to help you create extra space or rooms in your property. 

A loft conversion is one of the popular home improvement projects many people pursue. You get a chance to ease space issues or pressure on the rest of the house if this space is properly utilized. House extensions and loft conversion are top-notch services we offer to our large clientele base. 

These are solutions we offer our customers without any reservations because it is worth it. House extension or loft conversion will add value to your property. We will help you tailor the project according to your family needs and help create more room. 

What to Expect from Create Room

Many people focus on the many benefits of loft conversions and house extensions. The same people will dream about making their home energy efficient or creating more space and increasing their home value. But picking your phone and calling us at Create Room will change your understanding of these home improvement projects. Here is how we can help:

Loft Conversion Solutions

There is a lot we do when it comes to loft conversions. We promise our clients professionalism all the time. We significantly embrace a personal approach when it comes to crafting your design and build service. We will help you do a lot, and we will incorporate outstanding ideas into your project. Have a look:

  • We will create your simple room-in-roof into a loft.
  • We have perfected our skills in such projects, and we will create a guest bedroom out of a small loft conversion.
  • If your house is not well balanced, we will use loft conversion to balance every unused space.
  • We also do the extraordinary and create a stylish bathroom or install a shower n your loft conversion. 
  • In recent times when working from home is the in-thing, we will design a home office or home library in your loft conversion design. 

The common types of loft conversion we include in our projects are:

1. Dormer loft conversions

2. Rooflight loft conversions

3. Mansard loft conversions,

4. Modular extension loft conversions

5. Gable-to-gable loft conversions

House Extensions Solutions

At Create Room, we also offer our clients a comprehensive package of house extension services. Our solutions will include an all in one design and customizable service or build package. It would be best to let us know what you have in mind and see how we can help. 

There is also more we can do and deliver top-notch results. We will significantly leave you satisfied because we can;

  • We are capable of adding an above-garage room extension.
  • We will create a single story extension and transform this space to better fit your lifestyle.
  • Add a garden room and solve space problems as you can use this area for children’s playground, home gym, or cinema room.
  • A side return extension will definitely create more space in your kitchen.

Hire Create Room Today! 

With the many benefits of loft conversions & house extensions, don’t have any reservations contacting us for the best services. Our expertise and skill sets in the industry are incomparable, and we guarantee worthwhile projects. We have a team of licensed, experienced, insured, and well-trained professionals eager to help.

Substantially, our services are budget-friendly, and we always abide by the set building codes and regulations. Feel free to contact Create Room today for a free quote of your home extensions and loft conversions. We are thrilled to offer a free survey and no-obligation consultation.


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