Creating a Home Identity with a Great Front Door

Your front door is what people notice when they come to your house. When they walk up the steps, ring the bell and wait for your answer to let them in, they will be staring at your front door for at least 90 seconds. Ninety seconds is a long time. Count to 90 right now and by the time you reach 47 you will probably be very bored. To save people from boredom and create a home identity that is uniquely your own, start with a great front door.


Colour plays a big part in creating a unique front door. The colour you choose for your front door speaks volumes about the type of home you run. It can say anything from, “We’re a happy family who loves to have fun”, to “We’re a young couple, enjoying our newly-wedded bliss”. Your front door is not only the entrance to your home; it is an extension of your house’s identity. But, what colour is right for you?


Traditionally, the colour red represents passion and love. It gives off vibes of love and affection, and lets visitors know that they are welcome in your home. A red front door is bold and stands out, making your home one of the most extravagant on your street.


This colour represents peace and quiet. Blue is associated with the sky and ocean and gives off vibes of tranquility. Lighter shades of blue will put your visitors at ease when they ring your doorbell while darker hues tend to offer the appearance of solitude. However, solitude isn’t a bad thing if you live in a neighborhood that constantly gets bombarded with door-to-door marketing, or people sticking flyers in your mailbox.


Colours in the yellow family are known to convey wisdom and confidence. Yellow gives off a relaxed, yet intellectual vibe, perfect for those who want a door that isn’t too bold but stands out in its own way. It is also warming like the sun and lets visitors know that there is bliss and comfort inside your home.


This colour signifies nature and the world around you. It lets people know that you value your environment and the health of your community. Green also means ‘GO’, which gives people a sense that they are welcome in your home.


Wholesome and clean, white doors offer your home an air of organization. This colour is associated with stillness and purity – think freshly fallen snow – and gives off the impression that you operate a neat and tidy home. The only problem with white doors is their ability to attract dirt due to the light colour.


Classic yet modern, a black front door never goes out of style. Black conveys strength and authority and lets passersby’s know that your home is the epitome of perfection.

No matter which colour you choose for your front door, remember, you have 90 seconds to make a statement about your home’s identity. Let your front door show off how great your home is. Doors with textures, dramatic handles, window accents are in trend now, sometimes a sliding door installation can be more attractive. Whatever you choose, make sure that it create a unique identity for your home.

Author bio:

Mark Clair is a 46 year old interior designer, decorator and planner. He is a prolific writer and enjoys putting his thoughts into words on pretty much anything around that evokes an interest in him. Happily married and the father of a new born girl, Mark is now exploring the many little joys and challenges of parenthood. For more information, follow him on twitter.


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