Creating a Utopian Bathroom with Futuristic Designs

Harmonious, perfect society, since Thomas Moore until today, stayed only a part of fiction. But does it have to be? Maybe our community is far from it, but once you escape to your home, and fill your tub with bath salts and surround yourself with candles, you are actually not that far from perfection. If you are ready to make a step forward into the future and follow the trends that actually go after the development of technology itself, there are a couple of interesting ideas that you can incorporate in your bathroom, if you are a real tech-freak, and in love with everything that is new and different.

Curved Sensor Sinks

Not something you can see every day, but that is the beauty of it. Forget about old fashioned, oval and square sinks, but be original, and be different. White spiral stand combined with minimalistic bathroom tapware really gives your bathroom that futuristic look you have wanted for some time now. It might seem a bit cold and sterile, even to those who are clean geeks, so you can always add some toiletries in color to perk up a space a bit, and give it a little warmth.



Color Indication

How many times have you put your hand under the water leaking from the tap and got unpleasantly surprised? Well if you install the new fancy sink with the color indicator, you can avoid this from happening ever again. Once the water starts pouring, blue or red colored light starts glowing and it shows you just what you can expect.

Neon Shower

And what kind of future would it be without neon lights filling the room? But to be completely original, do not only install new light bulbs, but rather go for a square rainfall showerhead that also enlightens the room with neon green, yellow, or any other color you might like.2


A Bathroom that Sings

Up until now you have probably developed a habit of taking your Smartphone with you to the bathroom, so that you can listen to your favorite music while you are having one of those long relaxing showers. But now, smart bathrooms are the future and you do not need to do that anymore, as you can install a waterproof mp3 player or a radio right in there with you, and sing and dance while the hot shower is bringing you back to life. This way you do not need to worry if you are in the shower, already got yourself wet, and realized only then that you have forgotten to bring your music in there with you.3


Self-cleaning Toilet

Everybody hates cleaning their bathrooms, especially when it comes to toilet bowl. The bad news is that no matter what, you will still need to do it from time to time, but to minimize the amount of bacteria, and the number of times in a month you actually have to do it, a good idea would be to install a self-cleaning toilet board. Thanks to a sensor it has, it detects when you are finished using it, flushes the water by itself, and starts turning the board and cleaning it.

Do not be afraid to experiment, as the bathroom of tomorrow is not only eye-pleasing, but it is also quite practical, and in a modern world that we live in, practicality is of outmost importance.


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