Creative Armchair Inspired by the Volcanic Eruption for Original Interiors

Looking for genuine pieces of furniture with intriguing yet highly original design? Today, Keren Shiker‘s armchair, Volcano, drew our attention thanks to its eye-catching form, unusual for such an item, and bright colors combination. The Volcano armchair was inspired by a mesmerizing  and spectacular natural phenomenon, the volcanic eruption, its unconventional look mimicking the powerful features of a volcano when the hot eruptive lava is expelled from the volcanic fissure.



Soft sponge tubes in different colors “erupt” from a base built from a round wooden surface with holes, creating a unique and fresh sitting experience both in private or public spaces. The tubes are flexible enough to allow for various forms for sitting and lying according to your needs. You relax your body on this interesting armchair while  watching your favorite TV show, reading a good book or on the contrary, you can nestle in it to have a great play time with the kids, to share the experience with your partner or hang out with other friends. Volcano appears to us functional and quite comfortable, and its creative design could be integrated in a variety of contemporary arrangements, creating a strong visual effect. It’s available in different colors and sizes.





Photos © Keren Shiker


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