Creative CookBook from Which You Can Eat: Lunch Book

Lunch Book is a very appetizing cookbook and an unconventional idea of packaging designed by Alessandro Garlandini and Sebastiano Ercoli for Expo Milan 2015. There is no wonder that it won the 1st prize in the competition for the design  in this international expo, an event dedicated to the culture of eating healthy and sustainable solutions presentation. What is special to this cookbook is that pages are plate-shaped showing recipes from all over the world and are made of paper coated with a water-proof biopolymer film, thus, they can be easily washed. The dishes are 100% recyclable and compostable, and when food is served, they can be detached from the contents andvisitors can taste the food while walking among the Expo 2015 stands. And the more beautiful part is that, once tasted one specific country/culture dishes, people can take home the recipe as souvenir or all plates. See images of the prototype.

Photos from Alessandro Garlandini.

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