Creative Water Lily Citrus Squeezer by Thibaut Rouganne

When we think of tools that make our life easier in the kitchen, we often think that many of them are very helpful but we need more and more space to store them. So most of the times when we are looking to buy a new product or to replace the old one that we have, we search for something that  might be a all-in-one product if it’s possible which also doesn’t occupy too much space either. I think Thibaut Rouganne thought of those things when designed Nae, a new interpretation for a juicer.

It’s a very interesting concept which has an ultra minimalist design keeping in the same time the functionality for which it was created. The goal was to generate an identity to a simple object. The Nae Juicer works like any other handheld juicer, but it’s far more compact and simple than the traditional ones being made from one sheet of plastic looking like a water lily. So you can pour freshly squeezed juice without making a mess and it’s also very easy to clean it.

source for Creative Water Lily Citrus Squeezer by Thibaut Rouganne 


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