Creative Whole Story Albums To Display Your Memories

Memories. The most beautiful and perhaps the most precious treasures in our lives. They form our past and make us feel proud regardless of what we are today. Every event in our lives turn at a time in memory. Whether we like it or not, it remains forever in our hearts. There are moments that don’t want to remember, but there are memories that uplifts us. Memories that show us for what we live, that lead us to long forgotten lands, that induce us a state of euphoria and encourage us to move on.

Have you ever thought how would look like tomorrow without yesterday? On what would be the future based if you don’t know what it was yesterday (because we act today according to yesterday)?  Well, we could talk a lot on this subject, but since memories create life stories, they deserve to be kept in gorgeous and expressive photo albums.


While these days, many of us store and access our photos digitally, usually one frame at a time, designer Debra Folz come up with an original and cool way that allows you to reach to your memories – the “Whole Story Albums”.  Her project places in the spotlight the physical sharing of stories and the idea of  exposing the entire photographic “story” at once. Thanks to a clever combination of traditional bookbinding techniques and modern engineering, the “Whole Story Albums” not only helps you to share the feeling of a unique moment with friends and family, but also looks amazing within your space.

With a book-like appearance, they’re were sculpturally designed to draw attention wherever you’ll choose to place them. These wonderful “Whole Story Albums” supports itself independently due to a reinforced front and back cover, which have a particular design making you believe that the book is melting down. The spine of the photo albums is removable and give the user the possibility to view your whole story at once. Have a look at the pictures and don’t forget that emotions doesn’t deserve to be kept in yellowy plastic bags.

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Photos © Debra Folz

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