Curve Architecture on House Holman by Durbach Block Jaggers

House Holman is a curve architecture designed by Durbach Block Jaggers, which represents a masterpiece futuristic conception architectural design not only for its awards received, but also for the great idea to design and build a cliff residence, a dream house, situated on the edge of a 70-metre high cliff. Imagine what a wonderful landscape view! cliff-house

Due to the development of the technology, the architectural designers stared to develop new concepts for futuristic houses or living areas. Today, these ideas came to life and many people choose to buy or build these futuristic and particular houses because the architectural design and the decoration can be to customized according to their own ideas and needs. Most of these homes are very luxury and spacious or not, depending on your wish.


The architect inspiration for building wonderful curvaceous shape architecture lies in the Picasso’s painting “The Bather”. For the foundation of this house was used rough stones that continue along the cliff and form a nice terrace. There is also built a trendy rock pool in a vase shape. The breathtaking view can be available in almost every room of the house. The gracious style of House Holman is given by the complex fluid living spaces and by the wonderful interior design decoration. A spectacular view of the ocean can be seen from the living room and dining areas, the palette of the colors used by the designer consisting in a natural warm glow send beach.




source : House Holman


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