Dating A Buffalo Bills Fan: The Best Decision Ever

If you watch American football, Buffalo Bills is certainly not a new name for you.

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The team was formed in 1960 and joined the NFL in 1970, from then onwards, has won two league championships and thousands of fans. When it comes to dating, a Buffalo Bills fan can be a fantastic choice for you. You won’t have to worry about their loyalty or even what to give them on different occasions. 

If you are dating one of them or seeing someone who is a fan then this article is just for you. Here are the top ten reasons why you should date a Buffalo Bills fan.

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  1. Buffalo Bills Fans are Used to Disappointments

Relationships come with many expectations and eventually, disappointments. But disappointments are not new to Buffalo Bill fans (unfortunately)! So if you are late to date or even cancel a plan with your Buffalo Bills fan partner, they won’t be too disappointed. They will keep giving you chances worth 16 years and hope you’ll get better!

  1. Stay In Through Thick and Thin

Want a supportive partner? A Buffalo Bills fan would be the perfect match for you. They will always have your back through every situation and clap for you when you win. And what is a relationship without real support? 

  1. They Are Very Positive

Being a Buffalo Bills fan means being positive and optimistic. they always hope that their team will win this season but when it does not happen, they look forward to the next season. And being optimistic is very important when you are dating. So if you let your Buffalo Bills fan partner down, they will keep giving you second chances and always look for the best in you, ignoring all of your not-so-good qualities!  Die-hard fans of this football team will definitely appreciate thoughtful Buffalo Bills gifts and they would be more than glad to have you as a date. So, by showing your support for their favorite team with these themed gifts, you have a good chance of winning their hearts.

  1. Creativity Runs Within Them

If you are already dating a Buffalo Bills fan, chances are that you have been to one of their games. You might have seen the fans painted red, blue and white. They can get really creative and this shows on their faces during the game. So if you are looking for a creative partner, look no further! Be it your birthday, valentine’s day, or an anniversary, they will make sure to present you with something amazingly creative to sweep you off your feet!

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  1. They are Foodies

Tired of dating people who can’t even choose a restaurant for a date night, and always puts the responsibility on you? This mishap is never going to happen if you are dating a Buffalo Bills fan. THEY LOVE  FOOD! And that means they know a lot of great places to eat. Guess what other thing a foodie can do! Cook! We would cook scrumptious meals for you occasionally. Bid farewell to your midnight cravings!

  1. Have A Great Sense of Humor

Ever asked someone deep in love, what they love most about their partner? They will most probably say that their partner makes them laugh and this makes them happy. If you want something like this, date a Buffalo Bills fan. They have an amazing sense of humor and will always make you laugh. If you are upset or down, they will know exactly how to cheer you up. Never spend another sad moment when you are with a Buffalo Bills fan!

  1. Are Great Drivers

You will be able to see all four seasons if you go to Ralph Wilson Stadium by road. It will be a total blizzard one minute, a downpour the next, and sunshine the next. While sipping Tim Hortons, they can handle even the most perilous conditions to Orchard Park. So if you want to go on a long drive in the quiet streets at midnight, you know who to date.

  1. Can Handle Alcohol

“Chug ” is a very common word for a Buffalo Bills fan. They love alcohol and can drink a lot. So if you are out partying with us, they can always be your drinking partner. Perhaps they will end up doing something stupid but trust me, that will be worth remembering too (if you can remember)! 

  1. Don’t Like What We Don’t Like

They know how to dislike something or someone passionately. No matter what happens, no one would be able to make them like something they don’t appreciate. So if you hate on your best friend’s toxic ex, you won’t be alone while dating a Buffalo Bills fan. They will hate that ex too and be very clear and particular about it. Guess you will have new gossiping and criticizing partner now!

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  1. Love to Have Fun

The Buffalo Bills have a reputation for being the rowdiest fans out there in the NFL. We know exactly how to have a good time, whether it’s powerfully chanting the Bills scream anthem after a score or shotgunning a beer. So if you are someone who is an extrovert and loves to have fun, dating a Buffalo Bills fan would be the most fun experience for you. 

Buffalo Bills Fans Are the Most Dateable

Dating can get quite hectic nowadays. It can take a long time to find the perfect match for you. But a Buffalo Bill fan has so many qualities that are bound to make your life a little better. So if you are looking for love or even just a good time, dating a Buffalo Bills fan is the most perfect thing to do. They believe they are the most dateable “candidates” because they have all the qualities needed to maintain a healthy relationship. They will always support you, be there for you, teach you to have hope in adverse situations, never give up on you, and have lots of fun but be responsible. 

So if you have found a partner who is a Buffalo Bills fan, hold on to them and cherish the amazing partner you have got. And if you are a Buffalo Bills fan, you are awesome!


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