Decorating the Christmas tree – creative ideas and tips

A festively decorated Christmas tree has always been the symbol of Christmas and Christmas Eve. When the warm light of the tree candles illuminates families’ living room, children’s eyes light up, and the long-awaited gift-giving can begin. There are no limits to creativity when it comes to Christmas tree decorations.

In some families, it is a long-standing tradition to decorate the tree in the same colors year after year, while others like to try out new decorations to make your Christmas tree shine in a new festive look. Some people choose fibre optic tree for their Christmas decoration as well. To decorate the Christmas tree, we have summarized useful tips that will showcase your tree for Christmas.

The color scheme: Classic red-gold, wintry blue-silver or metallic colors

A Christmas tree looks harmonious and complete if you choose a color scheme. The selected colors should match the room in which the Christmas tree is placed. One differentiates between warm Christmas tree decorations or a rather cool Christmas decoration. For example, a warm fir tree could contain red, orange, and gold elements. In contrast, a fresh tree shines in green, blue, or silver. Here are some popular color schemes that you can use as inspiration for your Christmas tree.

The classic – Christmas tree in red and gold

If you want to decorate your Christmas tree very traditionally, you can decorate your fir tree with red and gold balls, as in the picture.

The colors red, gold and green, are traditional Christmas colors. These are less modern than other color combinations, but they are timelessly beautiful.

The warm red harmonizes very well with the green needles and radiates Christmas coziness. Golden elements such as bows or a star on the top of the tree look particularly elegant.

A Christmas tree in the winter colors of white, blue and silver

A decorated Christmas tree in the colors white, blue, or silver accentuates Christmas in the winter-cold season.

White icicles or silver tinsel look like a snow-covered fir tree. This color combination looks very noble and is suitable for rooms that are modern and minimalist.

If you choose a Christmas tree with this color combination, you should avoid red or yellow tree decorations.

Christmas tree with metallic colors like gold, silver or bronze

Metallic colors such as gold, silver, or bronze can be combined very well. These color combinations appear modern and noble. You can underline this effect by using colorless lights.

Natural materials are inexpensive ways to decorate Christmas tree decorations. Pine cones and small branches can be easily combined with self-made jewelry.

Wooden stars, reindeer made of felt and homemade cookies and gingerbread, not only give the tree an individual design and bring a Christmas scent into your living room.

The correct attachment of the tree decoration – a brief guide

When the Christmas tree has found its safe place, you can start decorating. If you use a light chain, this should be attached to the Christmas tree first so that the cables can be laid safely. When attaching the lights, go down in a circle from the top of the tree and place the individual candles as far out as possible.

In the next step, you can decorate your tree with bows. For a harmonious impression, all decorative elements should be distributed evenly over the tree. You can then attach the Christmas balls. Start at the bottom of the tree with the gigantic balls; the medium and small Christmas balls hang in the upper part of the tree. Heavy balls and decorative elements should not be attached too far out, but closer to the trunk of the fir tree. The tree is most reliable at these points and can carry a higher weight so that no branches are pulled down.

If you decorate the outer and the inner branches and twigs, the Christmas tree gets more visual depth and looks more versatile and perfect. To achieve this, you can, for example, attach medium and small balls in the upper area and the gaps.

If you decorate your Christmas tree with angel hair, tinsel, or jewelry chains, you can attach them in the last step. However, it would be best if you keep in mind that the thin silver threads must be removed entirely before the Christmas tree is disposed of.


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