Decorating Your Home – A Step-by-Step Guide to Interior Decoration

Palette creation

Colours, patterns, and metal finishes can be seen online, but digital images are only approximate representations of what the real thing looks like.

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To ensure finished products meet your expectations, order colour chips, fabric swatches, and material samples. Mr. Kleinberg said that most vendors allow you to order samples, and it is always best to do so. It can be difficult to differentiate cool tones from warm tones when viewed on a screen, he explained. 

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Take a closer look at the samples rather than just looking at them separately. Test how well they work together by pinning them to a board or putting them in a tray. In Mr. Kleinberg’s opinion, all greens complement each other well. The way to determine whether different colours and patterns will live in harmony or tension is to place samples side by side. 

It is not uncommon for Ms. Hampton to go the extra mile. In order to see how the fabrics spread throughout the room, we copy the fabric on the copier, reduce it, and cut it into the right shape for the floor plan.

Furniture planning

A bedroom is primarily a bedroom because of its bed. A headboard on one wall and paths for walking on the other should give it pride of place in the room.  

Nick Olsen, an interior designer in New York City, said that you shouldn’t shove a bed into a corner if possible. There is no way to make them, and they are uncomfortable for two people to use at the same time.” 

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A bunk bed for children is an exception. In corners, there is no reason not to have a safety rail since they already have one from one side. To make an adult bed more convenient, install nightstands on each side. It could be a simple small tabletop, a table with a drawer to store essentials, or even something bigger. Mr. Olsen recommended that you consider whether you need more storage space. You can fold clothing on two dressers to use as nightstands. Watching TV in bed is something you like to do? To accommodate the TV, you’ll need a dresser, cabinet or console table near the foot of the bed with additional storage (unless you plan to mount it on the wall).There are many designers who like to place a single chair in the corner of a bedroom, not only as a place to rest but also as a landing pad for tossed clothing and accessories.

Countertops and cabinets should be evaluated

A kitchen or bathroom counter can significantly change the overall appearance by switching from an inexpensive material, like laminate, to a luxurious one, like marble, granite or quartzite.

Another area of opportunity is the kitchen backsplash. If you leave the existing counters in place, you can add or replace an existing backsplash using a favourite tile made from ceramic, glass, metal or cement. 

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It’s often possible to paint kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity cabinets a new colour for a different look if they are simple and in good shape. It may be possible to keep the existing cabinet carcasses, and replace only the doors if the cabinet doors look dated. 

When it comes to cheap bathroom vanities, replacing the whole thing is usually more economical. Prefabricated vanities with matching tops and sinks are available from many companies. 


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