What Should You Expect From An AC Inspection

If you live in a place where the weather is mild, an air conditioning unit may not be a big deal, But in areas with hot weather, a cooling system is a necessity. Sudden failure of air conditioning units can be due to improper maintenance. Homeowners need to schedule a full inspection as it involves a thorough assessment and review of all the components of your cooling system.

Experts often advise homeowners to pay for an air conditioning unit inspection during the buying process. If you have not considered a full air conditioning unit inspection before, here is everything you need to know about the inspection:

The most common scenario that you will find in most homes is that when you fix it, you can quickly forget about it. This philosophy can shorten the lifespan of your home appliance. Some homeowners have to wait until the system fails before deciding to call a technician to inspect the unit or fix the problem.

By calling a professional, you will be able to assess the damage and reduce the need for frequent repairs. Considering annual inspection can also improve the efficiency of your unit and provide your family with good indoor quality.

DIY Inspection

A licensed technician should perform an inspection because doing the inspection yourself might not be able to spot the source of the problem. Professionals are sharp-eyed, and they are highly trained to understand the intricacies of your unit. All components of your air conditioning system will be inspected to know what needs to be done.

Why are HVAC inspections important?

While your unit is designed to last for more than a decade, frequent use can impact the parts of your cooling system to wear out. Dust and other particles can also cause blockage and inefficiency if you skip regular maintenance and inspection. Units that are more than ten years old can result in calling a technician for significant repairs. If the damage is due to improper unit maintenance, warranties will not cover the damage.

The difference between a home inspector and an HVAC contractor

During a home inspection, the inspector will also assess the fitness of your home and your HVAC appliances. They have many territories to cover including opening up the furnace and performing an in-depth assessment of your expensive and critical appliances. Expect most inspectors to be thorough, but since they are not trained to maintain and fix HVAC appliances, they do not have substantial knowledge about your air conditioner. It is still essential to hire a good inspector for your appliance to undergo assessment.

Hiring a good HVAC contractor

It is not easy to hire a good contractor because not everyone possesses the right qualities. You will need to make an informed decision to ensure that your air conditioner will get proper maintenance. You can throw your money out the window if you are not careful with choosing a contractor. Before you hire a professional aircon technician, make it a point to set some criteria. It will be easier for you to weigh your options if you know the qualities you should look for.

This can be a difficult decision, so you should consider HVAC companies with many years of experience like Magnolia Heating and Cooling. The company’s reviews show that their technicians are highly skilled and that many customers have been pleased with their services.

What to expect from the inspection

HVAC inspection is a thorough process. There are many points that will be covered like testing safety controls, checking the pressure of your refrigerant, testing gas piping and pressure, testing heat pump, inspecting the condensate drain for blockages or clogs and many more. Avoid deals that are too good to be true. If you are getting a cheap deal, do not be surprised if the HVAC inspection is not what you have expected. After all, you always get what you pay for.

You will have peace of mind if you choose a professional HVAC inspector. A licensed Air Conditioning Repair Rockwall contractor will not only provide you with detailed information about your HVAC appliance but check the problem to ensure that your air conditioner operates smoothly. A well-maintained air conditioner will serve you for decades and keep you worry-free.


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