Decorating your home with vintage furniture – Top tips and tricks

There is a large number of people that thoroughly enjoy being surrounded by antique pieces. For them, vintage furniture is more than just a fashion or design statement, but about creating a home environment, they are completely comfortable in.

Whether they had inherited this love of old from vintage movies or just like the design aesthetics regardless of where or when they were invented, they will try and fill their homes with such items of great beauty. However, there is danger lurking in this sort of attempt, as it can be straightforward to take beautiful pieces and to use them the wrong way. This creates an imbalance in the design concept that anyone visiting will notice.

More than that, it just won’t look right, and it won’t be a pleasant environment to call home. And since for many that last bit is the whole point, you can see why it’s so important to take note of a couple of details when engaging the vintage furniture market. To make sure you can enjoy pieces like your new Mid Century Bed, we are going to provide these tips for you.

Prepare ahead of time with measurements

One of the worst things that could happen is buying something only to figure out later on that you don’t have the room in the house for it. For that reason, it is advised to take space measurements before setting out to buy stuff. Measure the free space in your home and see exactly what amount of room you can spare. With that preparation on your side, you can quickly know whether or not a beautiful piece you see in a shop will have a place in your home.

Decorate more than one room

Do you have a list of antiques that you want to purchase? In your mind, do they all go in the same room? If the answer is yes then you should better get to fixing it because it’s a problem. If you put everything in one place, it will become less impactful in the grand scheme of things. Not to mention that all your visitors will probably start referring to it as the “antique room” or something similar. Usually, those that want a vintage design in their homes want it as an overarching theme, not just the subject of one room’s design. However, it’s easy to lose your way once you get into the excitement of putting everything in place. The difference between a great vintage design and a bad one, however, is being able to make that assessment anyhow.

Do your furniture pieces have any unique qualities? Use them

Don’t just randomly choose what goes where. Aside from the obvious aesthetic reasons, you must also sort out what goes where based on unique qualities that the pieces might have. For instance, if you have furniture that’s grand and makes a room look bigger than it is, you might be better off assigning that piece to a room that’s smaller in size and otherwise feels crowded on a regular basis. Additionally, if you get some decorative vintage mirrors, you can put them in rooms that look depth and view, to create these qualities practically out of thin air. This kind of advantageous mixing and matching is what drives a great design.


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