Delicate Lamp Designs Inspired by Nature

We stumbled across these lovely series of table lamps created by Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvær, which are quite simple yet very interesting and a little bit different. The lamp designs showcasing forms inspired by the surrounding nature are creatively made, as they may resemble different things like buds, big raindrops, snowdrops and why not fruits.

Bloom, as they were called, have steel structures in various heights and colorful printed canvas bulbs with visible seams on the material surface that are reminiscent of fibers, together contributing  to their association with organic shapes. At night, their warm light highlights most of all the upper part of their delicate silhouette, so that the raindrops seems to float. We love them because they really add light in a quite unexpected way. These pieces work beautifully both alone and together making a great accent in modern spaces.





Photos © Erik Five Gunnerud


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