Deluxe Oak vs Deluxe Prime Oak

Oak is a traditional wood, full of charm and character with its honey-golden tones and warm grain lines. It is a hard wearing wood that can stand the test of time, and last for decades, ageing gracefully and increasing in warmth as the years pass.   

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However, choosing the right oak solid wood worktops for your home can be difficult. In this blog, we will look at who is the winner in the Deluxe Oak Vs Deluxe Prime Oak contest to help you make an informed decision.   

Even though both the Deluxe oak wood worktop and the deluxe prime oak worktop are crafted from oak, there are differences between the two.   

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Deluxe Oak  

The deluxe oak worktop is a solid wood worktop comprising 80mm wide staves (planks) joined together with carefully crafted V-grooved joints. Each stave is created from deluxe oak and shows the beautiful individual grainlines and knots for which oak is so well known. The robust nature of the oak timber gives a hard wearing surface, which will last for decades, and require very little maintenance, to keep it looking fabulous. Every deluxe oak worktop is unique and gives a comfortable style and elegance to your kitchen design, whether paired with traditional or contemporary cabinets.  

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The deluxe oak wood is specifically selected for its character, grain lines and knots. It has a more uniform colouring and fewer knots than the natural oak, which is chosen to show off the wide variations of the oak wood and has the most significant number of knots and grain contrasts. 

Deluxe Prime Oak  

The deluxe Prime oak worktops are crafted from 80mm deluxe oak staves, which are joined together using precisely cut V-grooved joints. This creates an invisible join and shows the oak timber at its best. 

The deluxe oak is chosen for its uniform colour and grain lines, creating even tones free from knots. This even colouring makes the deluxe prime oak worktops perfect for adding a unique style and a touch of class to both the modern and traditional kitchen design. The hardwearing nature of oak will ensure the worktop will last for many years and age like fine wine, increasing in character as time passes.    

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As we have seen, Prime oak and deluxe prime oak have some differences. However, they also have many similarities, from their golden tones and hardwearing properties to their unique grain patterns and character. 

In the Deluxe Oak vs Deluxe Prime Oak contest, the decision is best made on personal preference and kitchen design. If a worktop with lots of character, varying grain patterns and knots would complement your kitchen design best, then the Prime oak is probably the best option. However, if you are looking for even colouring, grain lines and no knots, then the Deluxe prime oak is perhaps a better option.   

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Whichever option you choose for your kitchen design, you will be guaranteed a hard wearing surface with lots of character that will last for decades, with only a little maintenance and be an asset to your home.   


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