Design Christmas Tree in Best Position on your Home

Hello my dear readers of!
Since the winter holidays approaches I was thinking on how to decorate my own Christmas tree. I hardly wait to participate to the Festival of the Tree organized around the decoration to feel spirits of Christmas and sing Christmas songs.

O.k. so you’ve chosen your perfect Christmas tree, but now what? How you decorate it? Luckily, Christmas tree decorating can be fun and kids and adults alike enjoy doing it together. They love to string lights and garland, hang ornaments and toss shiny tinsel onto the tree’s branches. Let me give you some tips on how to decorate your own tree:

1. Color is very important . Once you decided of which color that the tree is going to be, the rest is simple. You should try using ornaments and ribbons in shades of gold, silver and white or a combination of copper, tan and silver to add style and sophistication to your holiday tree.
2. The fairy lights are important too. You can use a combination of colors or just one color, the one you’ve decide it. There’s no rule. You have to illuminate the tree from the inside out, string lights around the trunk and the branches. Is better to start from the base of the trunk and working up, wrap the lights around every major branch, moving from the trunk to the tip and back.
3. Then add the tinsels around the tree and decorated it with different ornamental Christmas like angels, stars, little Santa Claus, etc.  You can also add some candy too.
Fore more information of how to decorate your onw Christmas tree, please click on youtube.



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