Design for The First Common House With Your Wife

Whether you lived with your significant other before getting married or are looking to get your home together after the wedding, you will likely have different ideas about how to design it.

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Every woman has a unique home decor preference. For example, Latin brides love flashy colors, while women from other regions prefer metallic colors. Design styles for homes include Tudor-Style Houses, Cape Cod Homes, Victorian Houses, and many others you probably have never heard of. If you don’t start planning the design of your shared space as early as possible, it may become challenging to settle on one when the time comes. So, to help you plan the design of your new home, read this article and share the ideas with your wife.

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Accept your wife’s design preferences

Before designing your joint home, you and your wife should point out your preferences. If your tastes differ — as they probably will — you needn’t argue. You could try diplomacy and merge your design styles. It’s okay if one person has more elements making it to the final cut than the other; it doesn’t have to be a 50:50 split. As long as each party sees aspects of their design ideas in the home, things shouldn’t blow over.

Being open-minded can help your planning even more than just appeasing your wife, and she may have exciting ideas that you would never have thought of if you had planned alone. Even if you have more design experience and can handle the project independently, talk about your plans with her. Seeking her input will put you in a better position to achieve a more wholesome decoration for the growing family. 

Keep an eye on your budget

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Before implementing your elaborate design ideas, consider the affordability of style. If you have a tight budget, consider going for a less expensive design or look for alternative ways to achieve the home setting you want. If you have no issues with reusing materials, thrift stores can sell you furniture that matches your design interest. Alternatively, your old furniture can come in handy with several Do-It-Yourself (DIY) videos on the internet primed to plant creative ideas in your mind. Finally, you can start small and build momentum by focusing your resources on designing a single room, and then adding more details to the rest of the house with time. 

Start from the craziest design ideas, then work your way up

Window shopping never hurt anybody, so go out of your way to do more research and explore crazy design ideas. You can even make the exercise fun by asking your wife to submit a specific number of designs by the end of the week, and whoever turns in the craziest ideas gets to take the other out to dinner. Remember that the goal of this exercise is to explore your creative sides, so avoid ridiculing each other’s ideas. In the end, you will have several cool decor ideas that will make your visitors do a double-take once they walk into your home after you’ve implemented them.

Let your choice of colors reflect your personalities and inspirations

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Your choice of colors for your house says a lot about you. If you opt for bright colors, visitors can assume you are friendly, and if you slap a white coating on your walls, they would probably think you were an advocate for world peace — seriously. So when designing your new home, have a specific color palette with a few colors that go perfectly together. When choosing the perfect color to suit your typical house, try colors that match your flooring, ceiling, furniture, rug, tiles, or even your wife’s engagement ring. Draw inspiration from something you and your wife fancy to make your home as memorable as it is attractive.

Avoid clutter

You won’t be jumping the gun if you decide to get rid of clutter even before moving into your new home. In fact, there is no better time to set ground rules for cluttering than while designing your shared house. In your design sketches, decide which items and furniture you need and which ones to avoid.

You don’t have to go for a minimalistic interior decoration before deciding what items you should give away. Avoid the temptation of turning your garage into a makeshift antique store where you stash items you will probably never use again. So when designing your common house, include only necessary items as this step will help you maximize space and make your home easier to clean.

Hire a professional interior decorator 

If all fails, hiring an interior designer may be the best decision to make. These creatives will bring their expertise into the planning, helping you conceptualize unique, achievable designs that showcase your refinements. The designer will analyze your ideas, trim the excesses, and add elements for an aesthetically pleasing outcome. So while designing your home with your wife is an excellent bonding opportunity, hiring a professional will take the stress off your shoulders and help you achieve your home decor goals.

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When moving in with your significant other, you should insist on making the house your best home. A well-thought-out home decoration plan can ensure you build a comfortable place to live where you can let your hair down. When designing your common house, feel free to refer to this guide to help you achieve your goals of turning a typical house into a lovely home.


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