Design Ideas to Decorate Your Roof

The idea of decorating a roof is not something most people think of on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, when it comes to decorating your roof, most of us attribute it to a special event like birthdays or anniversaries or for the holiday season, such as Christmas or Halloween. The good part Is regardless of the purpose, there are so many ideas to use on your roof with for each season, from lifelike ones to humorous ones. Let’s check them out one by one!


The Halloween holiday demands for décor on the side of scary, horror, or monster themed. The best reaction you’d want from those mundane onlookers is screams and that is exactly what the following ideas will do!

Spiders; big, giant, long-legged spiders

Some of you that hate spiders will at least shiver at the description and probably scream in the daylight or when you stand close enough to make out its shape at night, like this one from Party City! Tarantulas do raise the hair of normal passer-bys, especially abnormally big ones (but for spider lovers it is worth having on their roof).

So how do you go about it? It’s pretty easy. Big spider foams are sold everywhere online and in physical shops. You can also make your version of scary spiders! You will need panels, screws and PVC pipes with easy to follow guides from DIYNetwork. For the best scary result, have a really big one at the top of your roof and glue several small ones on the window to make it more realistic.


It can be humorous or totally horrifying depending on how and where you put them.

To get a scary reaction: 1. Get heaps of ropes and then 2. Hang the skeleton under your dormer-easy scream inducer.

If you have a flat structured roof, you can make your skeleton sit there (reading a book while wearing a pair of glasses if you wish). To keep it in position, balance it by tilting the head and the body a little bit to the front.


If you are eager to liven up the Christmas spirit, there are several things you can do with your roof to lighten the holy night up!

Icicle lights

Icicle lights are great décor for your roof. They come in little bulbs and sticks. Icicle in sticks makes great ‘fake’ frozen water on your roof. They come with various colors and surely blend with the weather. Icicle lights in small bulbs are great especially with traditional sloping roofs of multiple levels.

Santa chilling

Have one or two Santa chilling on the top of your roof. There are Santa dummies or models you can use.

A very cute design I found was Santa doing his ‘private matter’. After setting the Santa on fi- I meant, buying a Santa model that functions like a lamp on your roof, pull a light bulb from its lower torso down to the ground. It’s a joke that everybody should be able to laugh about.

Simple lights

C7 or C9 light bulbs make great decorations. You don’t have to get a fancy model or giant figure to stick on top of your roof. Incorporate different colors. Here are some basic ideas you can expand:

  • Two colors; different color one after another
  • Two colors; different color every two bulbs
  • Two colors; one of a different color after every two bulbs
  • And so on. Check out 30 best outdoor Christmas lights on HomeBNC for mix match!

Daily use


For daily use, light bulbs and scary decorations may be a little bit too much for the normal atmosphere. Unless you are a lover of a certain spider species, the décor won’t really fit in the time. Plants make great additions to your plain, flat roof. Chicken statue that shows wind direction makes a good functioning décor.

Whether you are planning to decorate for a Halloween or simply for a different look, Internet can be a great source of design ideas, but you don’t want to be disappointed when you know that your roof  sloping or too flat to use them. So, always find for more info before buying the equipment.

Check out the following tips on how to look after your roof to make sure it is ready for your next decoration plan!

Bio: Danielle is the author for Your roof is a huge part of your home and decorating it is just another way of saying you’re proud of what you’ve built.


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