Design ideas to transform your small bathroom into a spa

Do you spend hours on Pinterest, scrolling and admiring beautiful bathroom interiors?

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Guess what? Your tiny bathroom can be just as beautiful and luxurious. Designing a small bathroom can take time and effort, but the result is always worth it. Read on for some small bathroom ideas to give your space a facelift. 

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Big ideas for your small bathroom

There are plenty of elements to consider to make any room look bigger. Let’s discuss small bathroom ideas to turn your space into a spa-inspired sanctuary. 


Walls have the most visual impact on the outcome of any room. To make your bathroom look bigger, choose light colors such as white, creme, or light gray to paint your walls. You can also use pastel colors to show your personality and add more character to the space. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a patterned wallpaper to trick the mind into believing the bathroom is more spacious than it is. 

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Installing small tiles to make a bathroom look bigger is one of the most common interior design mistakes. If you want your bathroom to look more spacious, choose large tiles. You can use the same tiles on the walls and floors to create an illusion of space. Make sure your tiles are plain, or you’ll end up with an overcrowded and cluttered final look.  


Using mirrors is one of the oldest tricks in the book to make any room look more spacious, bright, and airy – bathrooms are no exception. Use a big mirror in your bathroom to create the illusion of space. Invest in a good-quality vanity mirror. You’re going to need it anyway. 

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The toilet, the sink, the tub, and the vanity

Take the size of your bathroom into account when shopping for the toilet, the sink, the tub, and the vanity – the biggest four components of your bathroom. Buying bulky options will take a lot of square footage and make your small bathroom look disastrous. Opt for compact or even floating options to enjoy the extra space. 


Installing a floating shelf is one of the easiest ways to maximize your small bathroom. Use it to display decor pieces, hair products, toothbrushes, towels, and other toiletries. Install shelves that match the aesthetics of your bathroom and storage needs. You can also use freestanding storage shelves or a storage trolley for your excess products. 

Bathroom Accessories

Don’t overcrowed your small bathroom with knickknacks. A scented candle, a chic handwash dispenser, and a matching toothbrush holder are enough bathroom accessories to elevate the look of your bathroom. You can also install a bath caddy and display a nice bath towel to make your bathroom feel more like a spa. 

It goes without saying that adding greenery to your small bathroom will liven it up and make it look more spacious. Opt for an indoor plant that can survive humidity like Pothos, Air Plant, or Berd’s Nest Fern. 

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Lighting can make or break any space. You’re one of the lucky ones if you have a good source of natural light in your bathroom. Maximize it. 

A good light fixture can tie the whole room together. For your main source of artificial lighting, pick a statement piece that isn’t bulky. It’s also preferable to use more than one source of artificial light. 

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Leave your worries at the bathroom door

Leave your worries at the bathroom door, light a candle, and enjoy a warm bath. You don’t need a spacious bathroom for it to be chic and luxurious; All you need is some small bathroom ideas and hacks to create the perfect space. Designing a small bathroom is a fun process. Get started on yours today. 


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