Design Museum Holon by Ron Arad Architects

The abstract and simple forms in design represent one amazing paradox, if you can to combine this two types of creation then the result is art.I will present you first national museum dedicated to design and architecture in Israel, in the next content i will let the architect for this amazing design to put the original information for us:Holon / Israel / 2006-2009

Client: Holon Municipality

Net Area: 3200 m2

Executive Architect: Waxman Govrin

Structural Engineer: Harmel Engineering

In March 2003, Ron Arad Architects were invited to design the first national Design Museum to be situated in a recently developed area of the city of Holon, a few miles south of Tel Aviv, designated to become a new cultural and educational hub for central Israel.

The local authority commissioned Ron Arad Architects to design a museum which is to be of an international standard, and with the important role of promoting the appreciation of design and architecture in Israel, and of Israeli design both locally and abroad. A collaborative programme-writing process between the Client, Ron Arad Architects and an independent programme writer was initiated, resulting in a detailed briefing document used as the theoretical and programmatic blueprint for the project.

The Design Museum Holon (DMH) occupies a semi-rectangular 3,700m² site. The generous plaza to the north acts as an introductory public space and entrance route to the Museum. The plateau-like topography of the site is articulated by the arrangement of the museum over two staggered levels, connected by an external sculptural ramp – the museum’s prime circulation route. In this way, the route through the museum becomes more experiential, as it leads the visitor through a series of dramatic internal views across the Museum’s internal courtyard. The use of the negative spaces caught between enclosed volumes capitalises on the local climatic conditions which allow near year-round use of external spaces. Alternative, protected routes are available, and both are fully accessible.

For more information and photos please visit the source:ronaradweb


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