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Cutting back on your wedding budget is no sweat. All you need is a little time, a little effort, and a free wedding program template to make everything come out looking gorgeous.
But you can’t use just any old template, you need something special! Well, that’s why we’re here. Find a wedding program design to match any style and theme.

Accordion Folded Wedding Program Template from Boho Weddings

The accordion folded style of wedding programs are the most versatile. Dress them down with modern fonts for alternative themes, or dress them up with a formal wedding script font to make it clean and traditional. These free printable wedding program templates also offer the most space for couples who have a lot to say.

The accordion format is slightly less formal and traditional than the tri-fold option, but it does allow for much more information. If you love the formal appeal of a tri-fold wedding program but find yourself running out of room, this is the option for you.

Free tri-fold wedding program template

Tri-fold is the classic wedding program format. This is the most simple of diy wedding programs, and works very well for traditional, boho, rustic, or any other wedding theme you can think of. Simply add your wedding details, print, and fold. You’re done!

The design you apply to your wedding program template is the visual representation of your entire wedding, so you’ll have to choose wisely. If the classic tri-fold format doesn’t embody your colors, style, theme, and the emotion you want to portray, it’s best to move on to other options.

DIY: Fan Programs

A fan wedding program offers the most convenient wedding program size. Other options are larger and can be awkward to carry around. Fan programs fold up into a tiny package that can fit neatly into a clutch, purse, or pocket.

Be cautious when choosing this wedding program idea. Although it’s highly functional and folds up nicely for easy transportation, the thin strips make creative text layout difficult and the tapered shape of the paper leaves a lot of empty space.

Modern Wedding Program Templates from Wedding Creations

This reception or ceremony program template is perfect for the couple that wants to impress their guests with something a little different. This one takes a little extra effort compared to the other options, but couples who are into modern designs should have no trouble with Microsoft Office or Google Docs.

However, if Photoshop (not that you actually need it, but you do need a small proficiency in design ability) is not familiar territory this option will require learning how to make wedding programs as opposed to simply inserting your personal wedding information. The learning curve may be a little much.

Pretty Blooms Wedding Program Paddle Fan from Sweet Violet Bride

This wedding programs design delivers our last piece of advice; make it functional when you can. Outdoor summer weddings are subject to sun and heat. Although your vows are incredibly romantic it may be tough for your guests to pay attention. Let them cool off and lean in with a wedding program that doubles as a hand fan.

Beyond summer weddings, the paddle template is also perfect for weddings that celebrate DIY features. The other wedding templates we’re recommended will turn out looking professionally manufactured. This option, however, will have that hand-crafted beauty built right in.


See? There’s really not much to it. Use your instincts, double-check that it fits all of the info you need to include, and keep your big-picture theme in mind. Before you plunge into these projects do some rough calculations. It may seem like you’re saving money via the DIY approach, but factor in the cost of paper, ink, the value you place on your time, and potentially having to buy a new home-printer and compare it to a professional option.


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