Designer Furniture: A Brief Buyer’s Guide

Everyone is unique in their personal style, which typically extends to their clothing choices as well as their home décor.

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Designer furniture is often a staple in many homes. From furniture of eras gone by, to modern offerings, designer furniture stores in Melbourne have what you need to furnish your living space in style.

Choosing the right furniture for your home can be overwhelming when you don’t know exactly what you want. Some pieces are often of the art style and do not blend well with an active family life. Still, other pieces of furniture are functional, yet not the right style for small children or pets. Functionality and style aren′t always married in many high-end designs.

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What To Consider When Purchasing Designer Furniture

Look at trends, but don′t get caught up in making your home a replica of a showroom or a recent magazine feature.

Choose pieces that complement your lifestyle. If you have a young active family, choose fabrics and frames that are sturdy and will last through multiple years of use.

Take advantage of programs that allow you to place a piece in your living space via virtual viewing. Being able to see if a piece of furniture will fit as well as look good in the intended space will help your decision to purchase.

Think about the long-term responsibility for the upkeep of a designer piece of furniture. How long will it last with minimum maintenance and normal wear and tear from an active family. You do not want to be replacing a large piece of furniture like a sofa or dining table every year or two.

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Thinking Outside the Box

Be sure to look at what you are purchasing from all sides before taking a piece home. Sit on the furniture, open the doors, and slide the drawers back and forth a few times. Make sure you can live with how a piece works as well as it′s looks every day for many years.

Look beyond colors. Choose something that could go with multiple color schemes over time. You will get bored with the same color year after year. Simple changes like throw pillows and accent pieces can change an entire room. If flowers or abstract designs are your things, one or more colors can ″pop″ and pull together a room.

Cost Considerations

Designer furniture is more expensive than the mass-produced pieces you can pick up in the big box stores. However, they are worth the price when they last many more years than the cheaply made, snap-together furniture. You will also have more control over designer furniture pieces with your choice of fabrics, woods, and colors.

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Check with the manufacturer of the piece you are considering. Make sure it is either custom created or a limited-run and not mass-produced. This will help ensure your investment is worth the price.

In the end, go with what your gut tells you. Mix and match what you feel is going to create a comfortable living space for you and your family. You need to see yourself living in the space, not simply viewing it from a distance or only when entertaining company.


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