When expecting a baby, there is a lot to think about in order to be prepared for the new arrival in your life. Some changes may be daunting but that doesn’t need to be the case in all scenarios. When it comes to designing the nursery, this can be quite a fun task and to do it successfully, it’s important to have an aim to create a space that is relaxing and will leave you and baby feeling calm, happy and at ease.

The cot

When it comes to choosing the right cot, safety is a priority. To be sure, you may not want to buy it second hand, and will want to ensure it fits within the national safety guidelines. The look and practically of the cot are also important, and with such a huge offering on the market it can be a hard task to pinpoint the perfect bed. There are a variety of nursery furniture sets for sale from those with plenty of storage to those which you can convert in to toddler beds. There are plenty of options to choose from to ensure the cot is suitable for your baby and of course provides the functionality you want.

The cot bedding

The bedding can be the statement piece in the room if you wish. Whether you want to add a key colour, pattern or set the theme of the room, this can be all done with your choice of bedding. As a side note, it will be beneficial to stock up on sheets, as you’ll find yourself going through many. Although looks are an important requirement for the style of the room, making sure that the quality of bedding is actually more crucial, as you don’t want any materials which could irritate your baby’s skin.

The changing table

A changing table will be a piece of furniture that you’ll be visiting often with a new baby, so you want to be sure that it provides all that you need. Changing tables can take up a lot of room but there are a few ways to utilise the space that it takes up in the nursery. Things such as choosing a changing table which has storage underneath can be really useful. Freestanding changing tables are also really great, although they may only be an option should you have the room within the nursery.

The nursery chair

You will find that you will be spending a lot of time in the nursery; whether that be calming your little one, rocking them to sleep or changing nappies, ensuring that you are comfortable is an essential element to make your life that bit easier, and a nursery chair is the best way to achieve this. Sitting allows for close bonding time between you and your baby so having a chair where you are comfortable is ideal. The extra furniture can also allow you to add additional colour and style to make the nursery more eye-catching.


As in most rooms, storage space is so important and when creating a nursery, it is certainly something you will want to ensure you have. Babies require a lot of things and over time you will find that things such as toys, clothes, nappies and bottles will accumulate even more. When choosing the types of storage in your nursery, make sure that it doesn’t have just one purpose, such as purely being a nappy holder. Choose storage baskets, draws and bookcases that you will be able to use years after your baby is out of nappies to really get the most out of them.


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