Desk Lamps for Various Types of Offices

When we have an office where we spend more time we need a desk lamp, when you want to choose a desk lamp seems simple at first glance, but if we want to choose the perfect desk lamp adapted to the needs and lighting conditions, this choice becomes very complex. It is very important to keep in mind primarily the ultimate goal which is for the lamp to illuminate our working space, but also to protect our eye is vital for our health.
Next I will try to share to you some of the features desk lamps when we want to buy such a lamp and share with you some innovative models in this field. Desk lamps are lamps that can be placed on a flat surface of small or big office. From the classic the original was based on a hemisphere with a straight bar that goes from the center of the hemispherical base and a conical shade on top. Bulb or shade the top is provided with a matte surface to direct the light to fall directly to the substrate, with a dimmable switch round for a power cord.

Desk lamps are now equipped with a flexible arm, this effectively allows accurate targeting of light where he wants, with the advent of modern technology, switch could be replaced with contact sensors when it reached the surface in the dark, lamp lights, thus making it more accessible and able to find such a light desk lamp. Lamps used for lighting design offices have gained time and special functions, not merely to light the work surface, lighting for example close to a daylight color on close to a monitor, help the eye is not tired.
There are many designers from around the world who make art lamps, both in terms of the world issued, but also in terms of design, I’ll summarize to show three models of lamps we have found in my request for give a perfect idea for choice a model in the lamps used in various types of offices.

1.Daru by Alberto Vasquez

2. Fly light by JAD Design Solutions

3.  LOBOT by Jinseok Hwang

4. Hydra by Raymond Simandjuntak


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