Development of Lahore smart city will create Opportunities

LSC housing society comes beneath the set of the most modern home projects. Besides other, this is going to be the very first job which may amaze everybody inside the whole Pakistan. This society will be the 5th Smart city venture at Asia and comes in Second in Pakistan. 

Till the present day, it is by far the most common residential scheme as a result of its modern creation and special capabilities. The developers have claimed that this is to be an environment friendly and smart city in Lahore.

The main Owner of Smart city Lahore

LSC housing society ownership is an alliance between Habib Rafiq (Pvt) along with Future Holding Developments private limited. Both are the name of the most successful Pakistani real estate developers. Also, they are well regarded and commonly known due to their huge completed projects all around the nation.

Living opportunities in Lahore Smart City housing society 

As the name indicates that Lahore Smart City is the housing society so it has many residential and living opportunities. Right now, it has launched only 2 blocks overseas blocks and executive block. They are offering many sizes of plots to people for better living according to their needs and demands.

Given below are the pre-launch price of residential plots in overseas and executive districts which are at this time available for booking:

Executive Block of Lahore Smart City

  • 5 Marla Plot 
  • 10 Marla Plot 
  • 1 Kanal Plot 

Overseas Block of Lahore Smart City

  • 5 Marla Plot 
  • 10 Marla Plot 
  • 1 Kanal Plot

Investment opportunities in Lahore Smart City housing society

LSC housing society is filled with investment opportunities. Whenever a new society is planned to build then many investors already book many number of files for their selves for investment purposes and within no time, society provides a lot of financial benefit to them. If anybody is the practical investor, then they have already noticed that Lahore Smart City is the golden investment opportunity. 

The society has smart facilities, successful and international developers, legality clarity, and high pace of work which makes it clear that Lahore smart city is the fruitful investment and in a very short time it will provide a lot of profit gain.

Business and Job opportunities in Lahore Smart City housing society

Lahore Smart City does not only provide living and investment opportunities but it also provides a lot of job opportunities also. 

The housing society has residential area and also commercial are in every district. These commercial areas will have corporate offices, retail offices, shopping malls, other national and international offices for example software houses, marketing offices and many more. These offices will provide many business and job vacations for related people.

In the construction and development of society many jobs will be available, so interest people can look out for it also.  After that, many ventures will be available related to security, guards, sweepers, gardeners, management, accounts and administrative fields.

Promising investment qualities in the society

Reputable builders– FDHL: FDHL would be definitely the most reliable builder; that has been approved by the rapid creation of Capital smart city Islamabad.

Property Choice at Pre-Launch Rates: Lahore is one of the major business hub of Pakistan and FDHL is providing plausible home choices at pre-launch prices in this city and people are looking forward to live in the city.

Expected Price Growth: The prices will likely to increase after the launching ceremony which will likely to happen in few weeks. 

High Return of profit: Right now land available is limited, and limited number of plots can cause popular and a high return on investment.

Booking procedure for reserving a plot in available blocks

If you want to have a housing plot at Capital Smart City Lahore, then you need to follow given process which is easy and simple and SkyMarketing Private Limited Islamabad is going to help you with it. 

  • Deposit cash or pay order of 20 percent down payment in favor of “Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Download, print and fill all the essential blanks in the application Form.
  • Make Sure to attach required documents to the application of the applicant.
  • Show original documents also for verification
  • Submit your kind, files, and cover order to us to verify your booking.
  • Your document will be ready within 30 days and discharge to your place.

Mandatory Documents for Reservation of plots in given block

If you want to book a plot in Lahore smart city, then you need to provide following documents to book your place in the society.

  • 2 Passport size pictures of the interested applicant
  • 2 Copies of your NICOP of the applicant
  • 2 Copies of your next to kin or nominee ID Card
  • 20 % booking amount of the plot
  • Hard copy of Booking form

If you want to book a plot in an overseas block, then you need some other legal documents which verifies that you are living outside from the country. Such as, a copy of overseas CNIC or living address. 

It is really an obvious fact that the majority of the qualities of this home scheme will probably undoubtedly be attractive. It is a genuine investment which may flourish without a doubt. You want to reserve yours places or get a piece of land in the society as soon as you can. But if you do not have budget for it then go for the job and venture opportunities in it as you can earn good money from it and can have many benefits. 

Lahore smart city is likely to be a profitable thought for sure. It can lead the investment into the peaks of advancement since it is a perfect housing society.


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