Different Uses for A Garden Room

All the rage in recent years, garden rooms make for a fabulous additional space in your home. Designed and built to meet your specifications, these rooms can be used in a number of exciting and cool ways.

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Often people use the space to spend more time in the garden, entertaining for family and friends or relaxing with a book and a coffee with views of the garden. If you’ve recently decided a garden room would make a great addition to your garden, here are some of Snuggeries’ favourite uses for a garden room. 

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A place to unwind or practice a hobby

Adding a garden room to your garden will give you the additional space to freely indulge in your favourite hobby or relax and unwind. This additional space will provide a quiet space away from your busy home to escape for a few hours. Placed within the tranquil setting of your garden, a hobby room or quiet space is a great use of a garden room. 

A home gym 

If you love fitness and working out but don’t want to pay for a gym membership or travel miles to get to one, a garden room can be transformed into your very own home gym. With the installation of gym equipment, mirrors, lighting and even plumbing for a toilet and shower, you wont ever need to leave your house again to get your workout in. Garden rooms can be purchased in a variety of sizes too depending upon how much floor space you require for your equipment and home workout accessories. With a garden home gym, you will have no more excuses to skip working out. 

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Your very own home office 

Being able to have space away from your busy family life to get on with work is a luxury. To do this, many people immediately assume they need a spare room or an extension but why not consider a garden room instead? Garden rooms can be designed to suit the style and requirements of any busy working professional. With a home office in the garden, you will no longer have to spend time and money commuting to the office. Whilst also avoiding having to contend with distractions from kids, pets, or the postman when working from the kitchen table. Using a garden room as a home office truly offers the best of both worlds! 

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Provide a home away from home for your visitors. If you don’t have the spare bedrooms to welcome friends and families to stay the night, a garden room may be the answer. The additional space in your garden can be transformed into a cosy bedroom for guests. Typically, most garden rooms can also be upgraded with the installation of plumbing and a bathroom, to make your guests feel completely comfortable. Alternatively, an extra bedroom away from the house may be appreciated by older children who are saving to move out but still want their privacy. 

Entertainment space 

For party loving people who love to host their friends and family, entertainment and space can be at the forefront of your design when it comes to installing a garden room. A garden room offers the perfect combination of indoor/outdoor living to suit family events, social gatherings, and small get togethers. With the addition of electricity and WI-FI you can truly get the party started by plugging in your speakers, games consoles and projectors. So, come rain or shine, the garden room will make a great space for entertaining guests. With some garden rooms coming with additional patio space, a hot tub could even be incorporated into your plans. Your friends and family will never want to leave! 


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