Different Uses for Scroll Vacuum Pumps on Construction Projects

Scroll vacuum pumps are useful for a variety of reasons, especially in construction projects. Before delving into their uses, you must understand how the scroll pumps work.

These devices or rather machines have an interesting working mechanism. Inside the chamber are two spiral-shaped scrolls, that are wounded but not in contact with each other. The spirals are contained in a vacuum space that has an exit valve at its center. One of the spirals is fixed, while the other orbits around the fixed one without rotating. Gas enters the vacuum space at the open end of the assembly and gets trapped between the spaces created by the orbiting spiral.

The orbiting transports that gas to the center, leaving a void that is squeezed and moved between the spirals. This gas, now under pressure due to compression at the center of the housing is pushed out through the non-return valve to the equipment it’s being used. There are various scroll pump types each with its uses. Here are some of the vacuum pumps used in construction projects.

Air Conditioning Systems

All construction projects require air conditioning installations. Air conditioning is essential in both residential and commercial buildings. Scroll pumps comprise part of the air conditioning system to enable it to operate in the manner in which it operates.

The science behind the vacuum pump enables this system to cool or warm air in a particular environment depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

Vacuum Pumps Systems

Vacuum pumps are necessary for construction projects. Construction projects involve a lot of dust and debris on surfaces. You need to clean out these surfaces and clear out debris at various stages of the construction process. Such activities can be hazardous and time-consuming if carried out manually, hence the need for vacuum pumps to suck out dust, water, and moisture, even from tight places.

Material Preparation

Construction material needs adequate preparation. Some delicate materials cannot be handled manually due to their nature. They need to be free of any contamination or dust when being installed. Again, you will need the use of scroll pump machines for this purpose. They are effective, and will save you a lot of time and money. You need these pumps to blow off dust particles leaving the materials in a condition suitable for use.

Leakage Detectors

Every construction project will have some hiccups at one time or another. Some of those hiccups may include leakages that can mess up an entire project. You may never know of leakage until it is too late. You should if you are managing a project have a means of detecting such leaks. Scroll pumps are an ideal apparatus for letting you know when there is some leakage, so that you can take appropriate action. Make sure your pump’s flow rate is sufficient to drain water that might sip in without your knowledge as quickly as possible.

Material Purification

Construction projects utilize a lot of materials that require purification. There is a need to do this to avoid contamination and possible reactions, that might later damage some applications. You will need some vacuum pumps to create surfaces that are clean and free of impurities, to avoid such possible contaminations and reactions. Such contaminations can mess up sections of your project, or even all of it entirely.

Surface modification

Some materials and surfaces will need particular modifications before they are fitted in their rightful places. The surface modification involves changing the physical, biological and chemical qualities from those initially found on those surfaces. The modification involves a variety of changes. These changes can include changing the surface’s roughness or smoothness, surface energy and surface reactivity among other modifications. These modifications help in electrical fittings when wiring a building to prepare it for electricity installation.

Beam Welding

Construction projects require a lot of welding to fix various compartments. Beam welding is a part of this process, since you need to connect a lot of them to construct the skeletal structure of any building. Welding makes this structure strong enough to support any weight that will be put on it. The skeletal structure is the heart of every building, if you make it weak, you will be risking the building coming down after some time or even during the construction process. You will need a high vacuum pump for quality welding. You may want to use an ultra-high vacuum for even stronger connections if you are welding huge pieces of metal.


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