Digital Alarm Clock Concept Integrating Music Player

We cannot remember when was the last time an alarm clock woke us, it seems an eternity since. A simple explanation is that no matter how aesthetically pleasant they are, most of them have those annoying repetitive songs that you start to hate them at some point in the morning. So our smarthphone became over time our best friend every morning which wakes us up with our favourite songs. We bet that there are many of you out there, who have choosen this more enjoyable option.


But reading about this digital alarm clock concept we share with you today, we may want to change our mind who knows. Thinking how to use an alarm clock more effectively, young product designer Sankalp Sinha has come up with an artistic alarm clock concept which takes a new modern aproach over traditional ones. Maybe inspired by people like us who want to wake up hearing their favourite song, Sankalp Sinha imagined this creative product called singNshock wants to be an alarm clock with integrating music player with mmc slot and an optional electric shock pulse feature.

We’re not sure it’s a good way to start your day with an electric shock pulse, it sounds quite crazy, but we definitely love the idea of a music player within it especially because it allows you to store music up to 32gb so that you can enjoy your favourite music everyday. singNshock has a modern minimalist look with a touchscreen on one side and in-built high quality speakers on the other side. It can be used also as a decorative item at night thanks to its LED illuminated side glasses for dim lighting. On top, it has a large aluminum coated  button that once you press it in order to stop the alarm, it conducts an electric shock pulse of micro- volts triggering neurological functions. You can choose from six color options according to your taste or needs.






Photos © Sankalp Sinha

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