DIY Bedroom Hacks to Improve Your Home That Won’t Break the Bank

Our homes are important places, aren’t they? They’re where we go in order to retreat from the world, and they are a space that we share with our nearest and dearest. Added to this, they’re often our largest financial commitment too, so it’s no surprise we’re so eager to DIY our homes to perfection.

However, home improvement can be a costly business, with furniture, accessories, decorative supplies and tools quickly amounting to what feels like a small fortune! If your bedroom needs particular attention, here are a handful of DIY bedroom hacks you can make to your home without breaking the bank.

Fix hooks to the back of your bedroom door

Installing hooks is one of those little storage hacks that requires minimal effort and expense but goes a long way to improving your quality of life in your home. Fix a few hooks to the back of your bedroom door so you have somewhere to hang your dressing gown, making it easy to grab as you head downstairs in the morning or easy to hang once you’re done with it for the night.

Make your own headboard

Your headboard is likely to be one the focal points of your bedroom, so it’s understandable if you feel like you need to spend lots of money on it to get it ‘right’. But, it’s surprisingly easy to make an affordable DIY headboard. The simplest designs include those made from reclaimed wood (perfect for a rustic or industrial look), but even ‘complicated’ designs such as this diamond tufted headboard can be made at home if you’re prepared to try.

But, don’t be temped to cut costs on the bed itself. The quality of your sleep is very important for your mental and physical health, so invest in a decent mattress. That said, you don’t have to spend much money at all: you can find discount mattresses at Divan Beds Centre that are just as high-quality as anything you’d pay full price for, so be smart about it and you’ll have a very comfortable bed that doesn’t break the bank.

Hang your bedside tables

We all dream of having a huge bed with neat, symmetrical bedside tables either side, but many of us simply don’t have the floor space. So, rather than taking up any valuable floor space at all, why not suspend a single bedside surface from the ceiling? It’s not as crazy as it sounds (just check this out, for example), as it will ensure you have the surface area you need without gobbling up floor space. And it makes a bold design statement too.  

Add interest with rugs

Rugs are perfect for adding pattern or colour to bedroom in a way that’s low commitment and easily changed. As a bonus, a rug will muffle noise and and trap old air beneath the floorboards, helping to insulate your bedroom in the colder months, bringing your heating bills down a little. When choosing a rug, however, pick one that’s large enough to be positioned beneath the bed, ensuring it extends well beyond the length and width of the bed rather than adding a tiny ‘floating island’ rug.

Hang a mirror in small spaces

Bedrooms that are on the smaller side will benefit from having a mirror placed on the wall. Not only will it give you somewhere to check your appearance when you’re getting dressed, but it will also bounce light around the room and give the illusion of a bigger space than you actually have. For best results, position a mirror opposite the window as this will reflect the most amount of light.

Put a shelf above your headboard

The wall space above a bed often goes unused, which is a lot of wasted space. Fix a shelf above your bed and use it to store books, lamps, plants, picture frames or whatever else you want: just be sure it’s deep enough and high enough above your head so that you don’t accidentally knock things off.

You could even install shelving along the perimeter of your bedroom walls, high up near the ceiling – if you’re an avid book collector, for example, this hack could give you exactly the kind of storage you need without breaking the bank.


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