DIY Hacks to Burglar-Proof Your Home

The rate of crime is rising across the world, and a lot of people are scared that someone is going to break into their home. This fear is especially strong for people who are living alone. A common solution these days is to buy an alarm system, but a large portion of the world can’t afford that expense, so they may fear that they are at a higher risk of a break in. They don’t have to be though, with some of the creative tips that are out there. With these creative DIY hacks, anyone can burglar-proof their home. 

Make sure that doors are locked.

This may seem simple, but this is the biggest step in keeping a house safe from a burglar. Make it a habit to check the doors and windows before going to bed. A lot of time burglars will be simply deterred by a locked door, because it is a lot easier to get caught if they actually have to break in. This simple safety measure can prevent a lot of heartache in the future, and it can also give one peace of mind as they sleep at night. 

Invest in a dog. 

If one still does not feel safe with a routine of locking the doors, they could consider getting a dog. People are a lot less likely to burglarize a house if there is a dog there, for fear of being bitten. Dogs are great to have, whether it be a family or a person living by themself. Depending on the breed of dog, they can be very protective of their owners and will protect them if someone breaks in. Even if it is a dog that is not likely to protect, dogs make it much more difficult for a burglar to break in, because it will alert the homeowner that someone is trying to break in. 

Install outdoor features. 

There may be factors that prevent someone from getting a dog, or they may live in an area that they still do not feel safe in. There is still more that they can do. There are some outdoor features that one can invest in that may make the homeowner feel safer. They could install a motion-sensor light outside so that they can be quickly alerted if someone is outside. One can also consider surrounding their house with a fence, as a fence will also deter burglars from entering. Aluminium fencing Melbourne has custom fences that look great and will also help keep unwanted people out of the yard. 

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home, but when the world is full of news stories about crimes that happen every day one must acknowledge that it could happen to them too. This is a scary thought, and it can make one feel unsafe in their home. That is when they may want to consider taking some of these precautions by making sure their doors are locked, investing in a dog, or installing new features in their yard. With these DIY hacks anyone can feel safe from burglars in their home. 


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