DIY Lighting with Original Origami Design by Jiangmei Wu

Being attracted of DIY lighting projects, we found these amazing lights where origami meet design and science. As you maybe already know,  origami comes from the ancient art of Japan of folding paper and evolved over time into a modern art form, which has inspired artists in many fields, including interior design. Nowadays, the outstanding shapes and forms resulted when using this graceful art of paper folding has become a trend in contemporary design. Whether you want to create Asian-inspired interiors, add a modern edge to your decor through a touch of geometry or simply create unique striking designs , origami styling is an instant way to refresh your space.


The creative mind behind this  do-it-yourself folded art project we show you in this post is designer Jiangmei Wu, who managed to design a series of origami-inspired lighting fixtures, unique in their feeling, thought, and craftsmanship. Combining this interesting method of paper folding with a mathematically complex design, advance digital techniques and eco-friendly materials, she manage to create spectacular and sculptural lights with complex and original-looking shapes like some pieces of art. Each crease pattern of Folded Light Art series was developed originally by experimenting with ways of making paper behave in a structural-sound way.

So, each one of the ten light is made of  a certain number of digitally-cut and hand-folded high quality paper pieces of various forms, which come to life in your own hands, showcasing  a elegant and timeless simplicity that embellish beautifully any modern room design. Their intrincate and artful patterns are highlighted by a custom LED light bulb, providing a soft, warm and inviting ambience. Take a look at these gorgeous results and check out the designers’ website for available DIY kits.




​Photos © Jiangmei Wu

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