DIY Vs. Hiring Professional Epoxy Flooring Company: Which One is Better and Why?

Your home is where you form bonds, create memories, and grow a family. It is entirely appropriate to invest time, money, and effort into ensuring that it is built to last. Hiring the best epoxy flooring company in Minneapolis can help you enhance your home’s visual appeal, functionality, and safety features. All of these renovations and additions will also help increase the value of your home in the future.

While many areas of the house require additional attention in refurbishments, the garage is just as vital as some other rooms. While it is primarily used for storage and parking, it also stores expensive wheeled equipment. As such, keeping it in good condition is critical.

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But besides the fact that the majority would rather focus on other areas of the house, many businesses offer high-quality services to ensure the garage receives the same level of care and attention. Epoxy flooring is among the easiest ways to develop a clean, durable garage.

Epoxy Resin Flooring vs. “Do-It-Yourself Floor Paint”

At first glance, there appears to be no distinction between these two refurbishment projects. Typically, DIY products will state on the tin that they are ideal for cement and wood floors. They provide a tough, protective finish prone to mild toxins and are made to resist seepage and repeated cleaning.

However, the product is not identical. Professional resin systems include the following:

  • Thicker- a DIY floor paint type is 60-70 microns per coat, whereas a professional one is 250-300 microns per coat.
  • Glossy – A professional epoxy resin finish is significantly glossier and more visually appealing – it reflects light.
  • No flaking or peeling – If the surface is professionally prepared properly, it will not flake or peel.
  • Epoxy resin flooring is ideal for heavy vehicle traffic and is more durable due to its increased thickness.
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Epoxy Flooring’s Advantages

Epoxy garage flooring is among the stiffest and most sturdy finishes available. Apart from improving the aesthetics of the floor, it can also protect the garage floor from the usual wear and tear. Additionally, it can be used to transform plain concrete into an advanced and powerful floor.

Epoxy flooring is extremely durable and may help extend the life of concrete floors. Additionally, it is highly resistant to wear, allowing you to save money on repairs and maintenance. Besides this, the epoxy coating strengthens the floor and deters chemical breakdowns.

Epoxy flooring saves you a lot of effort and time when it comes to cleaning. It can also withstand continuous chemical exposure and is resistant to extreme impact, fire, and slippage.

Why Hire Expert Epoxy Flooring Company?

Many people believe that completing projects on their own can save them a significant amount of money. They are, however, unaware of the dangers and impending threats. Hiring a garage epoxy floor contractor is preferable to doing it yourself because they are specialists in this field.

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  1. You Can Increase Your Savings

Employing professionals to apply the epoxy coating to the floor is more cost-effective than doing it yourself, and you will save more money in the long run. This is because they have been in business for a while and, due to their experience, they are well-versed in project costing. 

If you do it yourself, you are unlikely to be knowledgeable about material costs, which could result in overspending on items you do not require.

  1. You Can Make Time Savings

Another critical factor to consider when deciding whether to hire professionals or do it yourself is time constraints. 

Because they are already professionals and experienced, they can work more quickly and efficiently during the application process. When you do it yourself, it may take longer, resulting in increased stress and costs.

  1. Improved Application

As previously stated, professional epoxy flooring contractors are experts at laying the flooring. It results in a more polished and perfected product. 

Avoid taking the risk of doing it yourself, especially if you lack prior experience. You may end up spending a significant amount of money as a result of your error.

  1. Security

If you want a smooth, imperfection-free floor, you should hire a professional to apply the epoxy flooring. When the floor is not applied perfectly, accidents such as slippage can occur. 

Additionally, the chemicals contained in the epoxy should be handled only by professionals. While these do pose some health risks, it is preferable to be safe than sorry.

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  1. Equipment Utilization

Of course, if you choose to do the floors yourself, you will likely spend more on materials and equipment. 

On the other hand, if you hire a contractor to complete the job, they will arrive fully equipped, including the materials required. All you need to do is sit and unwind.

  1. Professional Appearance

If you choose to do it yourself, you will likely require years of experience to achieve a flawless epoxy floor. You must practice in order to perfect your work. 

If, on the other hand, you hire a professional, you won’t have to worry about the finished appearance of your garage floor. He/she can easily install the flooring due to years of experience and professional practice.

Final Pick!

Invest in epoxy flooring to create a professional and attractive garage floor. It’s strong and durable, and it can help you save a lot of money. Always keep in mind, however, that if you want to save money, time, and effort, hire professionals who will take care of everything for you. Thanks to epoxy flooring, your carport floor will become the envy of your neighbors.


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