Do Email Newsletters still work?

In a world where online communication and advertising is the key to a company’s success. Many businesses don’t pay enough attention to their email marketing campaigns. Though the conventional methods of advertisement which included billboard advertising, display of ads on television, in magazines and even on flyers attracted a good crowd. In the modern era, email marketing plays a vital role in bringing customers to a company.

The businesses which don’t target their audience via email marketing are just leaving out a lot of money from coming in. These emails are found in various formats, most of which are in the form of a newsletter. These newsletters tend to convey the message and portray what product and services a company has to offer. As for the question posed by many “Do email newsletters still work?”. Well, the answer to you is, yes they definitely work, and they are one of the best types of formal advertisements for the modern era.

The thing with email newsletters is that they can’t all be the same, even if they contain the same information. Too much similarity leads to them appearing as monotonous for readers. This sometimes puts businesses in a tough position, as to how will they draft hundreds of emails on a daily basis. Well, we would suggest you opt for free newsletter templates. These email templates are pre-coded and pre-structured email designs.

Newsletter templates are easily available online and that too in variety. Each type of template serving a different purpose and having a different design. All you have to do is choose the design which you think best suits your purpose, input the content you want to display and circulate the email forward. This will help you get more designs of newsletters and emails in a shorter time span.

As email marketing is an audience-oriented marketing tactic, it is important that your mails are personalized in reference to the audience group you are going to send it to. In such cases, newsletter templates come out to be super handy as they can easily be personalized. Making them the optimal choices for an email marketing campaign.

Now with all of that being said let us look at the few points you need to keep in mind to make sure you get a good response on your email newsletter.

Tips to take into consideration while drafting a newsletter

Construct your emails in a decent manner

A good newsletter which gets a generous response is attractive as well as informative. It grabs the subscriber’s attention and makes them want to read what products and services are provided by the company. Now to achieve an attractive email newsletter you’re going to have to code them, which is easy if you know HTML5 and CSS. In the case that you don’t, then we would suggest you opt for newsletter templates or templates in general. The reason being they come pre-designed and you don’t need to make any further changes. These newsletter templates are available in many designs hence giving you a wider range to choose from.

Target the mobile industry

Numerous businesses ignore to acknowledge whether the email they have drafted is compatible with every platform. Or, whether the email is only compatible with computers or PCs, this tends to harm business. The reason being the mobile users comprises of more people than the PC or laptop users combined. Hence, to ignore the mobile industry would mean to leave out potential customers.

Don’t believe me? Well, give it a thought about it yourself. In today’s world, everyone is in a hurry and wants to reach someplace or the other on time. Now, who would have the time to specially take out a laptop to read an email? Or, wait till they read their PC’s to give a mail a quick read? Wouldn’t it be easier for the individual if they could just view that email on their mobile devices?

Well, obviously it would be easy for the person if they could read an email on a mobile phone. Taking this into consideration it is necessary that businesses target mobile users as it will give your product/service a better outreach. And, as for compatibility no need to worry, newsletter templates are compatible with all platforms.


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