4 Landscape Decoration Tips for Hilly Backyards

Sloping landscapes can be beautiful when they’re decorated properly. However, they can be a bit of a nightmare for someone who’s not familiar with landscaping. They do have their considerations, and you will probably need to bring in outside help if you need any type of in-depth work done. This also means that you’ll need to have a game plan. You can’t approach these kinds of landscapes just like any other since you’ll have to pay more attention to things like erosion and drainage among others. Let’s take a look at a few decoration tips for sloping backyards.

Create Tiers

You need to take advantage of all this elevation and create something special. The best way to do so is to create tiers. This will allow you to layer multiple plants and design elements while creating cohesion.

You could add retaining walls made of dry stone, interlocking bricks, or use decorative concrete blocks. Retaining walls are a relatively simple addition, but could make your property stand out and give it more of a regal look.

Retaining walls are much more than decorative too. They also facilitate drainage and reduce the chances of flooding as well. These structures can help prevent water runoff and block it from destroying your garden and property. They also allow you to reclaim some of your land if you want to create a larger patch.

Add Stairs

If you want a more free-flowing look and want to let the vegetation grow naturally, we suggest you add steps. These will allow you to reach flatter ground easily and will add a sense of order to the backyard.

You could go with gravel, wood, or concrete depending on your taste and the home’s general theme. Make sure that you add planters around it so it can blend better with the rest of the landscape. If you really want to go all out, go for a staircase made of natural stone. This will help anchor the landscaping design and complement the surrounding plantings perfectly.

Add a Waterfall

What better way to take advantage of all of this elevation than with a waterfall? This is a pretty ambitious project, but one that will definitely elevate your backyard. This could be a major feature if you decide to sell the property, but also a great way to turn your backyard into your own private retreat.

Create a Rock Garden

Planting on a hillside can be difficult since you have to make sure to provide some sort of stability for the plants. Erecting retaining walls is one option. Creating a rock garden is another one you could consider. Planting rocks of various sizes can provide a solid base for rock-loving plants like ornamental grasses and stonecrops. They also happen to look very nice.


If you have a hilly backyard, make sure that you consider all of these options. These will help it stand out and could make maintenance much easier for you as well.


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