How to Become a Welder Artist

Welding keeps our world together – literally! Most of the stuff that surrounds you is created or is supported by joining two pieces of metal together in the process called welding. Just look at the chair that you are sitting in now (if it’s not made of wood) and you will understand that we are talking about.

But there is so much more to welding than creating furniture that we sit on and bridges that we drive on or the machines and cars we drive ourselves in. If you are good enough and creative enough, welding can be utilized as an art form. This is not just one of that money making ideas that involve welding. It can become so much more as people have been able to create ingenious pieces of art through it.

Instead of a brush, pen, and canvas, you will be using a welding torch, shielding gas, and scrap metal to do your work.

Getting Good at it

The first step towards becoming a metal artist (but not with electric guitar but with a welding machine) is getting good at it. One can get started in one of two ways. Artists usually want to try something new and decide to take up welding for the purpose of creating art. On the other hand, welders that are really good may decide to do something challenging and interesting, and that way they become welding artists.

Either way, becoming one takes a lot of work and practice. In the same way, as you practice drawing, learning a welding process will require you to use different skills and welding techniques to become an artist.

It takes time and effort but being a welding artist also requires a lot of physical strain. It is much more challenging than any other form of art but is more than rewarding in the end.

What Should I Create

If you end up staring at a piece of canvas, or in this case pieces of scrap metal, without an idea what to do, then art is definitely not for you. But if you have certain ideas swirling around your head and want to express yourself, pick up a torch and a plasma cutter and start working.

Perhaps, the best way to start is with some easier and more basic projects. Creating decorative furniture is both fun and challenging to do. Step by step and you will be able to create more intricate and compelling pieces of metal art.

Welding Sculptures

Creating a welding sculpture is the pinnacle of welding as an art form. Being able to join two pieces of metal, cut them, and bend them to your will is a skill that is required. But being able to use all of that and come up with a sculpture is art.

Art welders are able to create sculptures that resemble animals, human figures, or even imaginary beings. Some are more abstract in nature and are a pure expression of the artist’s state of mind.

Types of Welding Techniques in Art

The same way as a painter utilizes different types of brushes, a welding artist will use different techniques to create pieces of art. It would be best to combine them all.

TIG Welding in Art

TIG welding is perhaps the best method to use in art welding. It is able to provide strong and clean, quality welds and is applicable for work on very thin materials.

An artist can easily apply it to steel and aluminum and create quality sculptures. It may be the most expensive option to use but if you want quality work it is the best one to go with.

MIG Welding in Art

The MIG welding process is the easiest one to learn for beginners. At the same time, one is able to create quality welds with it. But the most useful characteristic for art welding is that it is good for usage on thin diameter metal.

Welders usually use it for auto bodywork. Because of that, this is a valuable method to know when it comes to bending thinner materials during art welding. It can even use a flux-core wire which does not require the usage of compressed gas, making it the least expensive option.

A Plasma Cutter

A plasma cutter may be a welder artist’s best friend. It is usually considered as a tool for heavy-duty work and a piece of equipment that industrial welders use. But since it is so powerful and can cut various thicknesses of metal it can be used in art welding.

With it, you can shape pieces of metal to the way you want them to be. You don’t have to look for pieces that fit as you can simply make them yourself by cutting them. A plasma cutter is a valuable piece of equipment in the welder’s arsenal for making art. 


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