Things You Should Know When Installing Brick Effect Splashbacks

An excellent kitchen splashback should be easy to clean and enhance the aesthetics in your kitchen. Brick splashbacks are fashionable, and allow you to showcase the history of your home and add intriguing texture to your home. If you are worried about cleaning and crumbling, you can make use of brick effect splashbacks. 

Here are essential things you should know before installing brick effect splashbacks. 

Have The Right Tools 

For any installation, repair, or maintenance job around the home, you need to have the right type of tools. If you use the wrong tools, you are likely to damage the materials that you are using. To install a splashback you will need a notched trowel to apply adhesive, a tile spacer, and a mortar pointing gun. You will also need a wire brush to scrub off dry remnants and a brick jointer. If you do not have these tools, you can buy them at your local hardware store. 


Brick splashbacks require sealing. Kitchen splashbacks are exposed to food particles, water, and soap. It is, therefore, wise to use a matt sealer or a gloss sealer to keep moisture and dirt out. Sealers can also ensure it does not get badly stained. A sealant will also make sure that it retains its colour for a long time. 


To ensure that your backsplash maintains its appearance, you need to clean it regularly. Do not use abrasives or acid on your backsplash. Avoid rough brushes too as they will damage the surface. Grooves on the backsplash will allow water to seep in and damage it. To clean, mix soap, water and salt and gently wipe the surface. That will remove stains and marks and leave your backsplash looking new again. 


A brick splashback enhances the appearance of your kitchen. That noted, it is vital to ensure that it ties into the rest of the room. Choose finishes that work with the colours and finishes in the rest of the kitchen. Talk to your local store and find out what options they have available for your kitchen. Taking time to make the decision is crucial as something that looks good at the store may not work for your kitchen. Whether you are doing an entire kitchen remodel or just updating the backsplash, you can benefit from talking to an interior designer.

Installation Costs

Whether you do the work yourself or hire a professional, you will incur some costs. Take time to look at how much money you have for the job. Visit vendors and find out how much the materials needed will cost. If you intend to hire someone to do it for you, find out how much the service costs. Think about the size of your backsplash too, the larger it is, the more it will cost. Ensure that you make a budget and stick to it. 

Brick-effect kitchen backsplashes a warm and rustic feel. The change will also serve to bring the family together in the kitchen and even encourage you to cook more often. 


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