Does Your Floor Slope To Drain Properly?

Whenever you need to drain the water off of your floors, whether it’s your bathroom floor or garage, proper slope flooring helps run the water off of your tiles efficiently. Many people think they can do it on their own, but it’s not a DIY task, and therefore demands expertise. Accurate measurements of floors are necessary for appropriate sloping, and that’s why you need a professional slope flooring company.

Extreme Industrial Coatings is the best in Fresno. We provide top-notch flooring, coating, and sloping services in Fresno, Central, and Northern California. We do everything professionally and stay in the client’s budget and time-frame. With our premium sloping and draining service, you wouldn’t have to worry about drainage. Flat floors in commercial and industrial spaces are very often affected by water puddles and birdbaths. We can provide reliable and affordable solutions for these problems. 

Use of Slope Flooring

Slope flooring is ideal for bathroom floors, garages, terraces, and patios; floors that water flows on frequently. You don’t need it for your living room, drawing room, or any other room that stays dry. The main objective of sloping is to protect the floors from mold damage and water damage due to water puddles. Should you not pay attention to undrained and wet floors, you may end up experiencing mold and water damage. 

Sloped floors make the water drain out easily. These floors also ensure no water pools are formed, and thus providing no breeding place for insects. With sloped floors, you can save the money that you may have to spend on fixing your floors. To have your floors sloped accurately, you should understand the nitty-gritty of the process. That’s why we are transparent and let our customers know what we do exactly. 

Let us walk you through the entire process of slope flooring and drain installation. 

Initial Inspection 

Before working on any floor, we do a thorough inspection of its condition and measure its dimensions. It includes the measurement of the total area and the position of your drain hole. Our experts also check the type of flooring that you have; this helps us in installing durable sloped floors. If you already have a sloped floor and drainage installed, and encounter an issue with that, we can repair it or replace it for you. And if you want to have new sloped floors and drains, we are glad to help with that as well. 

Creating a Slope

After performing the initial inspection, we decide how steep our slope should be. This steepness depends on the distance of the slope from the drain hole. Steeper slopes make the water run off the floor quickly. If your drain hole is farther from the focal point, we create a steeper slope; contrarily, we create normal slopes that are slightly steep. 

Existing Flooring

After deciding how steep your slope should be, we remove your existing flooring. After removing it, we install a waterproof layer that protects your floors against mold and water damage. When we finish the waterproofing and sloping, we put your flooring back on. Alternatively, if you require new flooring, we offer a variety of flooring and coating services. 


We provide reliable drainage systems for proper drainage. Whether you want to repair your existing drain or want to install a new one, we are glad to help. Our drainage and slope flooring services are second to none, and we have proved that with high customer satisfaction. 

Corian floor and drain from modern shower in luxury bathroom

Extreme Industrial Coatings is the most reliable and trustworthy contractor that provides various solutions around flooring, coating, roofing, and ceiling. No matter the size or scope of the project, we will certainly come up with a reliable solution for you. 


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