Dress Up Your Garden with Concrete Flowerpots by Julia Kononenko

Warm weather and the freshness and vibrancy of all kind of colorful flowers and leafy plants are evidence that the cold winter season is already a distant memory. Spring is in the air and it’s time to celebrate it by changing your patio or garden decor with new attractive flowerpots and planters. If you’re among those who appreciate originality and style, you are probably looking for plant containers that have an unconventional look or impress by some distinctive features.

Well, we find these appealing concrete flowerpots designed by Ukrainian industrial designer Julia Kononenko, that help you cultivate some personality indoors this spring.  What makes them special and different from other standard pots is that they are covered with a special marble chips, which collects sunlight during the day and releases it at night, so they acts as a garden lamp as well.  Their simple yet eye-catching concrete design will surely stand out and will create an image of sculptural composition at your landscape site.






Photos © Andrew Lyhushyn

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