Dry Cleaning Methods that Make the Carpet Look Like New Again

There are numerous carpet cleaning methods, but you cannot use all of them to clean your carpet. You have to be selective about the method you are choosing, because a wrong method can damage your entire carpet.
Hence, you should have a clear idea of every type of carpet cleaning methods and use the one that is appropriate for your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning

A thorough inspection is always a great start for this kind of carpet cleaning projects: –

  • Determine what method is perfect or best for the cleaning project.
  • Identify or recognize your problems and limitations in the cleaning project.
  • What are your expectations for the cleaning process?

Whatever process you select for cleaning your carpet, vacuuming is essential or must. This is one of the fundamental criteria of carpet cleaning. In most of the cases, the vacuuming process alone removes around eighty percent of the soil stuck in the carpet.

Various types of Dry cleaning Method:

DRY cleaning- this term can make many people think that it is the processed of cleaning where water is not used. Mostly like a dry cleaning method that is used for cleaning clothes. But this method can be better described as a carpet cleaning method using low moisture. It’s called a dry method because the quantity of moisture used is very low.

Some of these dry cleaning methods are:

  • Absorbent Powder:

In this method, an absorbent material or medium (powder or sponge) is used by saturating with a little amount of detergent and water to absorb the soil that has got loosed after vacuuming. This solvent is used on the carpet with the help of a “rotating double brush machine”. After the use of this machine, it becomes ready for use again.

  • Bonnet Pad Cleaning:

This cleaning method includes spraying “cleaning solution” over the carpet and then the carpets are polished with absorbent pads or bonnets that are attached with the floor machine. These pads absorb the soil attached in the carpet, when they lose their absorbing capacity; the pads are changed, turned over or rinsed to finish the cleaning process.

  • Rotary Shampoo:

This process is one of the oldest forms of carpet vacuuming method. This method uses a “rotary floor machine” that consist a “shower feed brush” and the solution tank. The carpet is scrubbed with the machine while, on the other hand; a solution of shampoo is fed through the brush.

Because of this scrubbing process, the carpet pile can get damaged. Thus, the carpet pile must be groomed or set before the carpet gets tried in order to avoid the uneven appearance of the carpet.

These are some of the most popular cleaning or scrubbing process that carpet cleaning companies use to clean the carpets. Carpet cleaning in Pakenham is very common and necessary element of house cleaning. There are many other processes to clean carpets, but the above-mentioned cleaning process are some of the best and most popular ones that most of the professional or expert cleaner uses.


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